1. I will be starting Nursing 1 this summer and we need to purchase a stethoscope....was wondering if anyone can recommend a brand and what is the difference between the single & double tubing? Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   Esther2007
  4. by   emtb2rn
    Littmanns are excellent and expensive.
    GrXs are excellent and inexpensive,(, I have one and it's great.

    Single tubing has just that, one tube running from the diaphram/bell to the earpieces.

    Double tubing is more sensitive. The outer single tube contains two separate tubes. Each of the inner tubes runs to an ear piece.

    The key to stethoscopes is practice. Listen to everybody you can. Know normal breath sounds. That way, adventitious sounds jump right out at you. Also practice heart sounds. Have your friends sit/lie in different positions as you listen. You'll learn about placement to pick up the sounds.
  5. by   MB37
    How important is it to spend a lot of money on one? The info sheet I got from Littmann offers them from around $50 up to well over $100. If we've never used one, we don't really understand single vs. double tubing, or anything else they tell us about them. With all the other bills coming due when we begin NS, how do we know what is worth spending extra cash on?
  6. by   lizmatt
    I would buy a cheapy and see how you can hear with it, and if you can't go ahead with the Littman

    Before Tuesday I would have said go with the Littman all the way - I can't hear with the cheapy's but... my Littman was stolen on clinical on Tuesday (my fault for leaving it in the coat room) anyway- It was a bit too expensive to only get 1 years worth of clinical use of.
  7. by   Soup Turtle
    I got a littman classic and it's great. Try the steth on and tap it....if you can hear, buy it. That's what our instructors told us to do.
  8. by   IrishIzCPNP
    I had a Littman Classin II. I liked it. I recently bought the Littman Master Cardiology.

    I could hear on the Classic but I can hear a lot better on the Master and I didn't want to risk not hearing something during an assessment class.

    I had my name laser engraved on my Master because it was expensive. I tend to forget it but so far my fellow students have been really good at grabbing it for me. I tend to take it off for baths and isolation rooms and that's when I forget it and leave it behind. I don't regret the Master at all...I'm so glad I got it.

    I can recommend for purchases. I ordered my Master with laser engraving at 2:00 one afternoon and I kid you showed up the next day at about 2:00. I did not do the expedited shipping. Amazing service...blew me away.

    I have heard some people say go cheap. For me it's not worth it because next we do heart sounds and more in depth breath sounds and while my hearing is's not the best and I'm not risking my schooling for something like this.
  9. by   mrmike
    I couldnt hear with cheapy one. I would suggest the cheapest Littman to start.
  10. by   ksmom4
    I have a Littman and I love it. I have had 3 stolen and they can be expensive. To start Nursing school I have the Littman classic, I tried some cheaper ones, spragues and others but I couldn't hear as well. Try them out before you buy and definately put your name on it, its amazing that our own coworkers or classmates would take from each other but they do.
    Good Luck.
  11. by   dieseldriven
    I'm a student and I have a Littman Classic II. It was recommended to be by other nurses, and I pass on that advice. You're ears are one of the most important senses you have... I'll take all the help I can get.
  12. by   Lacyanne64
    I bought the Littman Lightweight II, I believe it's the cheapest Littman and I'm really happy with it, it's light and it sounds great. I think it's better to go with a more inexpensive one while in school just because it could get stolen or lost easily, but that's just me...
    I always forget mine in places too, I'm surprised I still have it!
  13. by   future L&Dnurse
    I have a Littman Master Classic II and I love it. There is a big difference between what I can hear with my stethoscope and what I can hear with the cheap ones available in the lab. I don't think you need the most expensive stethoscope in the world, but I think it's well worth it to spend a little extra money for a decent one.
  14. by   lovejana22

    my mother brought me a sprague nurse kit, it has a sprague stethoscope and a aneroid cuff. she brought it to me after i told her i sent in my application b/c i am done with pre-reqs. i hope it was not an omen to do that..... anyway has anyone heard any thing about the one i have?