Scrub tops that don't show cleavage

  1. In January I had to buy a scrub top for clinicals and had the choice between Cherokee Workwear Women's V-neck or rounded neck with a slit in the middle. The uniform saleswoman suggested I got the rounded neck w/ slit because she thought it would sit higher. I've made it through all semester with my scrub top clipped closed with my badge and paper clips and constantly pulling my tank top up and it was a nuisance. Without doing so, my breasts start to show and if I bend over, their obvious. The problem is that I'm short and thin with a small upper body, so shirts and the bottom of the "v" fall lower on me. My instructor gave me permission to buy a top that fits me as long as it is in a similar style. Do you know of any scrub tops that have a smaller "v" or higher neckline? Maybe a brand of high cut tank tops/camis?
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  3. by   CAllen44
    I'm a fan of Old Navy's Perfect Tanks. I love the way they fit! They're tight enough under my scrub tops that they aren't bulky, don't need to be adjusted much, and are plenty long enough to keep my lower back from hanging out when I bend over. You could easily tuck them in as well. Good luck!
  4. by   RN9742
    I just wear a white undershirt under my scrub top.
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    Thanks for the ideas, I'll check into those stops to see if they have them in the right color. Since we are allowed to wear a white shirt underneath, I had the idea of cutting a piece of a white cami and sewing it into the top so I wouldn't have to worry about it sliding down.
  8. by   PalmHarborMom
    My daughter has the same problem. She's 5'1 and I'm 5'8. If she wore my scrubs, she would have more than cleavage showing. She likes the Grey's Anatomy scrubs and wears the petite sizes. It seems that all of the petite tops adjust the size of the V to be proportionate with a petite body. If possible, go to a uniform store that carries petite so you can try them on.

    Good Luck on your search for scrubs that fit!
  9. by   tracylynne79
    I have always worn a tank underneath tucked into my pants. Not only does it cover cleavage but also prevents the accidental panty flashing when you bend over. I honestly think it should be a patient should have to see your cleavage or your panties
  10. by   Baubo516
    I am a bigger chested girl, and even if I wear a tank top, I still show cleavage when bending over. My solution has been to wear the tank top backwards! The back is always higher than the front, but it still looks good under scrubs. Just make sure it is a tagless tank and that the words inside don't show through so much. Then you can wear whatever scrub top you want.
  11. by   carolinapooh
    I wear camisoles under my scrubs - Lycra ones. They cling, don't droop, and preserve all modesty.
  12. by   DoeRN
    I always wear a t-shirt under my tops. Not a tank too but t-shirt that is fitted. I have a large chest and tank tops still show cleavage when I wear them.

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  13. by   Baubo516
    Yup - if you are busty then camisoles show cleavage, too. I haven't tried fitted t-shirts. I will have to explore that option, as well. I don't like to wear them when they can be seen (my belly is not flat), but under scrubs they might be ok!