New Nurse - Any recap on comfortable shoes??

  1. I'll be start my new job as an ICU nurse working 12 hr shifts. I have a pair of white Danskos from nursing school but I feel they are too heavy for me to wear. I use to wear just old sneakers when I worked as a nurse extern...I am looking to invest in some comfortable shoes. Any recommendations?? I'm a size 7 wide if that helps!
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN

    I too had to wear those white nursing shoes in school, and finally the instructor noticed I was always walking oddly and explained my feet just cannot get comfortable in those. I tired a couple different pairs and my feet just kill in them!! She finally took me aside and said go buy some whiteish sneakers and I won't tell. Needless to say since them, that is all I wear to nursing jobs are sneakers because they are the only shoe my foot is comfortable in. I can hardly even tolerate dress shoes because my feet end up covered in blisters.

    Anyway. Shoes are very dependent on the individual, but I would say find a reasonably priced and comfortable sneaker and wear them. You just can't beat the comfort of a sneaker!

    Good luck with the new job!!

  4. by   loudwheels
    I bought a pair of Brooks Glycerins about a year ago. Before that, anything I tried killed my feet. After I made the switch, my feet have loved me! I don't think I'll ever buy another shoe. Plus, they come in some fun colors if your facility allows that.
  5. by   City-Girl
    Good old fashioned white princess Reeboks. I wear them only for work, so they don't wear out quickly and stay nice and white. They are pretty comfortable
  6. by   CX_EDRN
    I can't stand Danskos, my sister was being sweet and bought me a pair for Christmas so I felt like I had to try them. Well, once was enough because I almost fell out of them and face planted while running to respond to a code in the parking lot. Ha. Wear whatever is comfortable, I personally wear sneakers with good insoles in them. I have worn Adidas Superstars since I was in middle school so I have just continued to wear them for work. I buy a new pair in a different color whenever they need replacing and they live in my garage. I get a lot of comments on them and wiping off blood and other body fluids is pretty easy, which is definitely a bonus.
  7. by   caregiverology
    I have two suggestions. I have bought a couple of reebok flex shoes and I absolutely love them. They are extremely lightweight and fairly cheap at $50-60. The other pair I would recommend is one from the asics brand. There are many types for many different kinds of feet so I would recommend trying on a pair and seeing what works best for you. I just got a pair so it is hard to say how much I will like them in the long term, but the short term experience has been very positive. Just be prepared to spend a bit more for them.