Littman Cardiology IV or Classic III for nursing student?

  1. Hi there, I'll be starting nursing school this June. We were given a few choices for stethoscopes, but I have narrowed it down to either the Littman Cardiology IV or Classic III. I don't mind spending more for quality and longevity, especially since I plan to become a nurse practitioner (most likely FNP or AGNP). Which stethoscope would be better for me? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   CodeRed5
    I would go with the Littman classic III. I work in a CVSICU and have tried both - no noticeable difference in quality. The classic III is what almost everyone, including attendings and AGNPs are using, and it will last forever.
  4. by   fiddlestix327
    Thank you so much for your help!!
  5. by   Khaan
    Littmann Cardio. I've tried littmann classics and also compared Welch Allyn Harvey Elite. I like the cardiology the best because of the dual head; however, the Harvey is superior to picking up tonal differences than the tunable diaphragm of the cardiology. Don't get the classic. It doesn't pick up sounds as well, and with our patient population getting fatter, heart sounds are becoming distant & more difficult to hear.

    If you want to upgrade from a classic later, it'll will just cost you more. I've had my cardiology III for 7 years now. Got me through nursing school and a CCU internship. Spend more for a longterm cheaper investment.
  6. by   Calalilynurse
    I have a classic 3. I love it. Most of the peds doctors use a classic of some kind. Some of my coworkers swear by a cardiology. You can always upgrade later.
  7. by   LuckyMoon
    So I am in the same situation trying to decide between the same two scopes. It cracks me up, one person says definitely go with the classic, the next says definitely go with the cardio. Which did you decide on? Thanks!
  8. by   BradVermeer
    To make matters worse I think ot was on this forum I read that there is also a design difference between the classic 2 and 3. Som reported that when using the classic 3 the diaphragm tended to come off.
  9. by   fiddlestix327
    I ended up going with the Cardiology IV. I'm happy with my decision and have been able to hear well with it so far, but others in my program have gone with the Classic and seem to be happy with it too!
  10. by   Landc
    I have the Classic III and I LOVE it. I've had the lightweight, select and Classic II and the classic III is far superior.

    My only complaint? It's heavy- about the same as the cards III I tested in store. I'm think about getting the master classic after graduation, as one of my classmates has it and raves about it constantly!

    To help prevent your scope from growing legs and running away, have the bell and tubing personalized. It's extra $ but worth it if you're putting the money into a good scope!

    For you, I think you can go for Classic III