Lightweight scrubs for hot environments

  1. Hello. I am finding that I get very warm on the unit I work on and I like to stay cool. It also doesn't help that my job requires me to wear a short sleeved button up scrub top over my clothes as part of their dress code. We can wear street clothes or scrubs under the button up top but I prefer to wear scrubs as they don't cling and are most comfy. BUT I need recommendations for brands that come in materials that are very light weight so that I don't get so hot and don't feel like I have several thick layers of scrubs on. I saw some seersucker like material in a scrub top once and wonder if I should have got it. Ideas?? Thanks guys!!!
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  3. by   TiffyRN
    I'm totally understand about needing lightweight scrubs. I'm very hot-natured so I appreciate really lightweight scrubs. The lightest weight scrubs I have found have been the Koi Bridgette style. It's a very thin 100% cotton top. They are a little pricey and they usually only come in patterns so I don't know if that will be an issue for you. Here's a link to one of the patterns but there are several out there.

    Scrubs - Koi 100% Cotton At Dusk Cool Bridgette Scrub Top | Koi Scrubs | Brands |
  4. by   tag2007
    Thanks Tiffy! I remember seeing this style and thought it looked see through so I didn't try it on, but after you suggested these I went to read some reviews and some people are saying alot of the prints are not see through once you put them on. So, I think I'm going to go back to the store I saw them in and at least try one on. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. by   libran1984
    I think the Grey's anatomy scrubs are very very light. Extremely expensive if you ask me tho
  6. by   HappyWife77
    Try Urbane scrubs. They are my favorite! They wick your sweat....if needed, they are simply amazing! They are virtually wrinkle free and four way stretch. I love them!
  7. by   WoundedBird
    I second Grey's being light and breathable. I wore the bottoms to work lunch shifts outside in the summer in Colorado where some of the days were well into the 90s. I can't wait to get back to them once I'm done with only if they had a cargo bottom option like wonder wink...then I'd be set.
  8. by   Ichemonurse
    I work in hemodialysis where we have to wear coat and shield and the environment is kept warm for the patients. I found that the scrubstar brand premium scrubs made from rayon at Wal-Mart are great. I no longer have skin breakdown.