Leggings as nursing attire???

  1. Just saw an ad on FB for leggings that have the cute little design of a heart, EKG strip that ends with a stethoscope and someone made a comment about wearing them to work!!!!!! I might wear them to the gym or it would be cute for a team competing in a walk or a run, but to work in? Gross.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
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  4. by   llg
    I was talking about the leggings issue just the other day. Our staff nurses are not wearing them to work (yet) ... but we have lots of people in non-direct care positions starting to wear them with tunics. Of course, there are some people who wear them under tunics that are more like dresses and they look more like tights and a dress -- and some people (mostly people who are young and thin) -- actually look OK.

    However, there are way too many women wearing leggings with long shirts or tunics that are too short. Sometimes, the materials cling together, their backsides are hanging out, the crotch of their leggings shows as the sit. Some are the really wild patters that make their thighs look HUGE, etc. My boss and I figured that for every 1 person who looks good and sufficiently professional in their leggings outfits, there are 5 who look appalling. And some of these people are in leadership positions!
  5. by   ROOKIELZ
    Personally I don't think leggings are appropriate for professional work wear.
    Cute and comfortable for at home and in the gym where a professional appearance is not necessary.
  6. by   meanmaryjean
    I attended a Nurses Day event for my university at a large hospital this week. I observed MANAGERS wearing leggings as pants! Interestingly, this hospital system has a VERY strict dress code for bedside nurses, even dictating what BRAND of scrubs they wear.
  7. by   AndrewCraigRN
    4 years ago, as a brand new nurse in a "charge nurse" role in a small, rural nursing home, I made the grave mistake of pointing out a young CNAs leggings as unprofessional. I did so because there was a resident that was highly inappropriate and constantly pointing her Ass-ettes. They were so tight I could every nook and cranny from front to back. I got a ton of flack from her and staff after I pointed it out. She thought it was offensive that I said something. I thought it was unprofessional and sexually misleading/inappropriate in the workplace and inappropriate for older generations to see her goodies. The nurse manager agreed with my findings because there was "a talk" but she told me to come to her about issues like this again. I absolutely WILL NEVER address someones uniform again directly after that crappy experience. Not my business and not my concern. Let someone else that gets paid way more than me deal with it.
  8. by   Cici89
    I wear leggings to work... other aides wear leggings... med nurses wear leggings to work... I'm at a mid-size ltc in the Seattle area.

    Staff wears leggings on casual Friday, weekends, and noc shift.

    The way I see it is - I want to be cool and comfortable in the 80*+ building while I run around doing physically demanding work. I've gotten compliments from patients on my brightly colored leggings (I only have 2 pair I'll wear to work) & except for missing a few pockets they work great for my job.

    If they want to fire all of us leggings wearers for clothing and ignore our quality work, then I don't want to work for such a sexist & shortsighted building anyway (that and they don't have enough staff to do a mass firing without getting into big trouble with state).
  9. by   honeybee_23
    Quote from Cici89
    I wear leggings to work... other aides wear leggings... med nurses wear leggings to work... I'm at a mid-size ltc in the Seattle area.
    I think this is the problem here lol. I lived in Washington and literally everyone wears leggings as pants. Northface, shirt, leggings, and boots, that's it lol. I moved to California and I didn't see people wearing it like that, so I think it's a regional thing.