Lack of Nursing Uniforms For Men

  1. I don't mean to sound like I'm a slave to fashion (I'm not, as I have no fashion sense) but has anyone else ever noticed the sheer lack of any uniform choice for men in nursing? Most of the RN uniform catalogs I've seen will have about 30 pages for women's stuff, and then (like an afterthought) have 2 pages for men's uniforms. To add insult to injury, those two men's pages are usually shared with dentists. :angryfire

    After having been in the military and a former EMTP, I find their clothing choices to be of much better utilitarian use, especially in the ED arena (ie bending and not ripping). After trying for years to find these uniforms in white (LOL, the universal nursing color) I finally gave up and now just wear colored EMS cargo type pants (from the 5.11 Tactical Series) with a matching color scrub top (note: considering that I have colleagues that show up to work in T-Shirts I don't feel all that bad).

    How does anyone else (especially the men) feel about men's nursing uniform choices?

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  3. by   mcknis
    I am right there with ya! Many times I have noticed that we don't only share the pages with dentists, but usually with equipment or multiple pages of lab coats Tafford has been the only company I have noticed that have actually had some sort of designer scrubs for men that are somewhat practical. I have been trying multiple brands trying to find those "perfect" scrubs that won't rip, tear, or fall down while attempting to work. I usually find I am 'adjusting' myself physically or pulling up my pants because the elastic isn't strong enough, or the cloth ties come loose. I know of several who use Aviator scrubs, but to me they don't look comfortable, or even practical. I prefer the hospital scrubs (Angelica), Tafford Men's pant, or Landau.
  4. by   caliotter3
    I suppose some of this is due to lack of demand on the part of male customers. If enough input was provided to the manufacturers, they might come up with more products. Maybe they just don't get enough sales revenue to bother with men's uniforms.
  5. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Hate to rain on this pity party, but by tradition "male nurses" wore pretty much what "orderlies", male interns/residents, and the rest of men in the medical field wore, white or coloured tunic,or tunic with epaulettes, along with white pants.

    Most common design was the famous (or infamous) "Dr.Kildare" style, with snaps along the neck and down one shoulder.

    The market for "male nurse" uniforms historically was not large enough to warrant a vast array of designs separate from other men in the healthcare field. Even as student nurses, men were spared the often maid like uniform of females (caps, aprons, pinafores, dresses, etc), and got to wear a white tunic (with school emblem on one sleeve), white pants and shoes. Reason simply being even those uniform companies that made student nurse's uniforms, did not often seen enough demand to produce something just for the men.

    If any of you guys have friends or contacts in the UK, Europe or elsewhere, you might want to try your quest there. German "male nurses" and doctors have some great hospital/state supplied uniforms.

    Best of luck!

  6. by   James Garrity
    I just wear what the docs wear,plain ol scrubs that I buy from the med school or the book store,$14 a pair,in OR green or light blue.The brand name is Fashion Seal,they are very durable,comfortable and rather inexpensive,and if I feel like identifing my self as a "male", long sleeve black Under Armor "loose fit" tee's or Mossy Oak long sleeve tee's under the top's.All my nursing tools are stainless steel and black ruber,and my shoes are New Balance 686's,no confusuion from the other nurses as to which sex I am.
  7. by   ObtundedRN
    I agree. There is nothing for men to wear when it comes to scrubs. Whenever I say anything to female nurses they reply with "But there are so many unisex scrubs." I don't think they or the manufacturers realize that the "unisex" isn't actually unisex, they are still fitted for a woman. Even the "unisex" pants have women's style pockets and are meant to be worn high up on the waist when most men wear their pants on their hips.

    That being said, when it comes to pants, I really like the Cherokee workwear MEN'S cargo scrub pants. They are actually fitted for men, and even have a zipper fly. I believe the style number is #4000. I've found them to typically be sold for about $15, I buy mine from My hospital policy is that male nurses must wear black or white bottoms, so no OR green scrubs for me. I haven't found any scrub tops that I actually like, but the best I've found are the cherokee workwear tops. Luckily my hospital allows men to wear a collared polo shirt of any solid color instead of a scrub top. Maybe you can try to get a policy like that at your facility?

    I know there isn't AS much of a demand for men's scrubs in nursing, but there are still plenty of men in nursing, and it continues to become more popular. I hope the manufacturers will realize this soon.
  8. by   ImThatGuy
    Well, former medic and LEO here.

    I'd love to wear EMT-type pants or 5.11 tac pants rather than scrub pants. I've worn scrubs, and I don't like them. I miss having pockets and a belt.

    That said, I start nursing school this fall, and I believe the uniform is "galaxy blue" scrubs and lab coats by Landau. At least it's not white, but the shoes have to be white. That's going to be difficult. Nike is out because they don't make wide widths.

    I wish I could mate some navy 5.11 taclites and my Danners, which are EMS-rated to prevent bloodborne pathogen from permeating, with the blue scrub shirt.

    Hopefully, I can find something comfortable with some utility.
  9. by   zeegermans
    Check out the Addiction Walker by Brooks, they are available in widths to 4E.
  10. by   nursetim
    I used to get twisted out my frame about this. I just wore BDU pants and a scrub top. Now as a provider I wear 5.11 polos and either blackhawk light weight tacticle or tru-spec pants. I love pockets.

    I doubt traditional uniform companies will ever cater to the male nurse.

    Here are a few sites:

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