I am tiny and need help finding scrubs that will actually fit!

  1. I start my first day of orientation for my first RN position tomorrow and my greys anatomy scrub pants are HUGE on me. I am going to have my sister attempt to alter them through the thighs and all the way down the leg tonight. (I'm not one to wait until the last minute but when I put my scrubs on with this cute white jacket I got the other day I realized I had forgotten how ridiculous I look in them! I look like a 4 year old who went through her dad's closet and dressed up in his clothes. So unprofessional looking.)

    I have a pair of cherokee brand XXS scrub pants that I can wear as a back up in case she ruins my greys anatomy pants (haha..... :/ ). I would just wear the cherokee brand pants but the cherokee brand top that I have (also in XXS) is also HUUUUGE. I guess what I'm asking is if anyone knows of a brand of scrubs that actually fit really unusually tiny people. I'm 5'3 105lbs, I've just always been small. I just wore both sets of scrubs throughout school and sucked it up and felt frumpy the whole time. I do not plan on doing that for my entire nursing career. Helllllp!
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  3. by   kaimkaim
    Anyone know of any brands that fit tiny people? I'm 5'4 and 105lbs. Grey's anatomy, cherokee, and most other brands carried in scrubs stores I've visited are all huge on me! I have been wearing grey's anatomy xs pants and they look absolutely ridiculous on me. The grey's xs top fits in the bust but flares out at the waist and looks so stupid! I start my first RN job soon and I want to look professional, not like a 4 year old playing dress up in an adult's clothes. Helllp!
  4. by   Sun0408
    I am small but have no issues with my scrubs.. Different cuts and brands fit better than others. Try them on and find what works best for you. You can also have the scrub shop order your size.. Two of my co-workers are 5' and about 80 pounds. Their scrubs fit great, I have seen them wear Grey's and others with no alterations.
  5. by   RNperdiem
    As your fellow 105lb nurse, I would recommend getting a sewing machine and learning to do a little sewing.
    Seriously, scrubs are shaped like boxes, I suppose uniforms are built to downplay the female shape.
    Sometimes just taking in the seams a couple of inches makes a big difference and saves you money from having everything tailored.
    There is a morale boost to be had by wearing properly fitting clothes, and if the clothes don't fit off the rack, you can customize them.
  6. by   Ciale
    Same boat. I think I made the same post a few years ago and got little feedback. I wear unisex solid scrubs size XS from Landau and just hem the pants with that iron-on stuff. Urbane scrubs TOPS (no way I could alter the pants to fit my non-existent butt) I hem the sleeves up an inch. Carhartt actually started making scrub sets that fit well but they aren't exactly pretty. Cherokee xxs is your best bet. Good price, lots of colors, hold up pretty well. Med Couture fits as well but they are expensive.
  7. by   PalmHarborMom
    I wear regular scrubs no problem but my daughter is 5'2 and 100lbs. She had a hard time finding scrubs until we went to Uniform City. They have many brands of petite scrubs and sizes that are hard to find. My daughter settled on XXS Junior fit Grey's Anatomy scrubs. I have seen petite scrubs that have inseams as little as 27 1/2in and waists as small as 19 inches. Their website has size charts for most brands and lets you know the inseam. So while this will not help you right now... Even if there is not a store near you, they are great to order from online.
  8. by   LadyFree28
    Are the scrubs you are picking out petite???

    Try the Cherokee Petite Scrubs
  9. by   NightBloomCereus
    Are you sure you're getting the Grey's junior cut and not Misses? There's a big difference. Also try Koi Lindsey pant XXS and Katelyn top, as well as Wink Utility Girl Stretch.
  10. by   bostonrnbsn
    MedCouture makes an XXS that fits me perfect, but they are super hard to find. I also wear NuDimension scrub pants XS, Dickies Hip Flip XS, Koi Lindsey pants XXS... For tops, I've had my mom stitch me on strings to the sides of scrub tops so I can tie them in the back so they aren't so absurdly huge. FYI: I'm 5'5 & 115lbs.
  11. by   blondebabe0625
    I'm a xxs petite in scrubs and I too have had to whip out a seeing machine and take in the "xs" ones.
  12. by   tippytootagon
    I'm 5' 2" and around 105 pounds. I wear xxs petite Cherokee drawstring flare-leg pants. I cannot do xxs Cherokee tops as they are HUMONGOUS. Instead I do Grey's anatomy or Koi tops in xs (they dont seem to make xxs) with any sort of drawstring or shaping in the waist. Everything is still loose, but looks professional. I don't like my scrubs to be skintight or too fitted.

    This also means that I can't really do matching scrub sets, so everything has to be in different coordinating colors, but it works.

    Eta: also, scrubs shrink! Big time. Especially those Cherokee pants. I always throw those babies in the dryer on hot when I'm buy them, and thus far they have always come out the right size.
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    I was going to suggest Grey's Anatomy because me and my buddy had the same issue, we both xs and were drawn the Grey's anatomy.
  14. by   msmaggiemo
    Where did you find them?