Help with shoes

  1. I'm finally starting my first job and I dont know which shoes to get. I'm a nike guy so I'm looking awhile ago for some
    Running shoes that i could use for my scrubs. Would you recommend it or other brand? Thanks!
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Different shoes work for different people. I have worn New Balance for years.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Nike Reax running shoes worked well for me when I was a floor nurse. New Balance and Adidas running shoes also provided me with enough extended comfort to get through my 12-hour night shifts.
  5. by   purplescrubs15
    I've never worn Nikes, but I LOVE my Saucony sneakers.
  6. by   Jallen21791
    It depends on your feet. The only shoes that work for me being on my feet all day are Skechers Shape Ups.
  7. by   bestallaround
    I've tried Nurse Mates, Danskos, Dr. Scholl's, New Balances, Sketchers, Reeboks, you name it. I have discovered that I am a Nike girl. Right now Flex 2013 Run and the Dual Fusion X are my favs. I keep buying them or variations of them. They are light weight and breathable. I make sure I replace my work shoes every six months, (I do a lot of walking at work!) and I only wear my work shoes for work.
  8. by   HoneybadgerFTW
    I go between dansko professionals and asics. Shoes are truly a personal choice, just remember to take care of your feet!! It's ok to spend more on shoes that will be comfortable for you as opposed to spending time and money on a podiatrist later!