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Jallen21791 has 4 years experience as a CNA.

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  1. Hello everyone, This past May I began term 1 of a 3 term LPN program. I missed the ADN program by .50 points (ADN was always the primary goal). I reapplied and results are expected in 2 weeks. I anticipate an acceptance as I have strengthened my application with an additional course completed. Also, the Summer term I missed has approximately 24 fewer seats than Fall & Spring. I begun the LPN program because I was eager to get started. However, my primary reason was because I felt it would give me a head start on learning material that I’ll likely see in the ADN program as well. If I switch I graduate the ADN program in Dec 2022. If I bridge after completing the LPN the graduation varies between August and December 2023. Im doing well so far but I do have concerns about the material in the foreseeable future. For the most part due to poor study habits. Im actively making progress in studying which is a shocker to me. Im making studying routine even though identifying my learning style has been a bust. I have 6 years of healthcare experience in both chronic and acute settings. I've worked in hospitals and outpatient clinics. Most of my experience is in dialysis but I've also done phlebotomy and CNA work. I’m 30 years old. No children. I’m soon to be divorced. I’m leaving my apartment to live with others while in school because my school schedule resulted in my work availability being limited to 2 days. Which option would seem like the better choice?
  2. Jallen21791

    Sleep schedules

    I think you may need to get some lab work done to check your levels. Are you anemic? You should aim for 7 hours of sleep. You may need to change your eating and physical fitness habits. Also, don't take your time getting up. When the alarm clock goes off, get up right away. Wash your face and get your day started. No snooze button. Is your mattress needing to be replaced? Are the conditions you are sleeping in comfortable? Do you take a daily multi vitamin?
  3. Jallen21791

    Davita PCT shawdowing

    I've interviewed at 2 separate Davita locations (a brief phone interview with both and a panel style interview in person at both). The location closer to my home opted to hire someone else. These interviews were roughly 1 month apart. I am employed as a phlebotomist at a plasma center and have been for about 7 months. I took a phlebotomy course prior to my employment but do not hold a certification. Additionally, I am CNA certified but have not practiced in the field. I am scheduled to go shawdow a PCT tomorrow morning which I'm truly excited about and look forward to. My mother has been employed with Davita for well over 10 years in 4 different states. I've been told the facility administrator wishes to choose someone by tomorrow and it is between myself and one other woman. I'm 24 years old. Any words of advice? I plan to ask tons of questions and put my best foot forward. My grandfather recently received a kidney transplant as well so getting this close is thrilling. The job is approximately 35 mins with no traffic from my home. I live in Colorado. I want to go in as prepared as possible. I've done so much googling and chatting to my mom but there's always more to learn.
  4. Jallen21791

    I need advice please! Urgent.

    I can't understand why all of you are being so catty about her saying urgent. One person made the point so move on. If she wants more than one degree why does it matter? It's her who pays the loans and is responsible
  5. Jallen21791

    Facility out of ppe

    What does your centers operating procedures say? I would certainly bring my concerns up to the DON
  6. Jallen21791

    Adn Vs Bsn

    Absolutely it is. Especially when you get in your final year and have clinicals assigned to you at any hour and you must attend them.
  7. Jallen21791

    Help with shoes

    It depends on your feet. The only shoes that work for me being on my feet all day are Skechers Shape Ups.
  8. Jallen21791

    Buying a new car for a new nurse ??

    All you truly need are snow tires or studded tires. Now if your vehicle isn't equipped for the constant commuting then buy another car but tires are important. I live in Colorado where it snows 6-7 months out of the year. & you can buy brand new with good credit and not pay an arm and a leg. I drive a 2015 Dodge Challenger for under $400 a month and my interest rate is 2.25%. My car had just over 40 miles on it when I purchase me it. I have all season tires for the snowless months and snow tires for the other months.
  9. Jallen21791

    IV insetion lab

    I have yet to do an IV but I am actively employed as a phlebotomist at a plasmapheresis center where we infuse blood with anticoagulant and return red blood cells with saline infused at the end of the procedure. My advice would be to really feel the vein. Make sure you know what direction it travels in. Push down on the vein and feel it's depth with your fingers. Don't be afraid to push and feel across the vein. Take your time and you'll be fine. Let me also add that I took an 8 week phlebotomy course and only practiced on a for arm for 1 day. My job never had any practice. It was straight from training (which was all reading) to sticking our donors. I find using a blood pressure cuff as a tourniquet is the best way but make sure the patient holds a tight fist to help you really get the vein pumped up.
  10. Jallen21791

    CNA job for only 4 months?

    I totally agree with the other posters. Work as much as you can. Maybe consider going to part time or PRN when you begin courses if you feel comfortable. The longer the better for resume purposes be I've struggled with similar scenarios and you truly have to do what will benefit you most in the future.
  11. Jallen21791

    What was the best thing about CNA school?

    I can't quite say I loved CNA training at any point. The first time I took the course I had ladies in my classroom that I developed relationships with. The worst part would be the body odors in clinicals. Everything else was smooth sailing. What made it easiest was not having anything else to distract me from focusing on my course. No children. No school at the time. No work at the time.
  12. Im in the 4th and final week of my CNA course. I will be taking my state exam in 1 month. Beginning within the next 1-2 weeks I will be beginning both and EKG & Phlebotomy course which I should have done by the 1st week of June. Based off my understand these are the 3 things I need to become a PCT. All 3 of these titles have independent exams you can or must take. Is there an exam specifically required to become a PCT? Im hoping to avoid having to enter a PCT program if I have these 3 requirements met as the next program wont begin until the fall. Once I complete these 3 programs I am hoping to apply to work with dialysis patients. In doing so I hope to avoid the 3 month dialysis tech program and save $3000. Im hoping with these 4 certifications under my belt I can work in a medical facility or hospital setting. Im not a fan of long term care settings. Eventually after completing all prerequisites, gaining experience, and working to support myself and my family I will apply to the LPN program then the ADN or BSN program. I may even go straight for the ADN or BSN. Is PCT work any better than CNA work? While I understand the CNA role is a portion of the PCT role, Im hoping for a little more EKG & Phlebotomy. Here in Colorado a CNA certification is a requirement of any nursing program and its helpful to get a start into the medical field. Does the sensitivity to the odors get any better with time? Also any idea of what to expect as a starting pay rate in the state of Colorado?
  13. Jallen21791

    CNA training at private college: my certificate being withheld

    You follow the chain of command and go above her head.Bring all supporting documents to indicate youve done all that is required of you.