Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

  1. NOT the kind made by (I think) Barco... I am talking about scrubs like the ones they actually wear in the show.. does anyone know where to order scrubs like that, with a similar fit/color/etc?

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  3. by   Tait
    I purchased mine from the chain called Uniform Advantage.

    These are the only ones I am even faintly aware of. Other than Katherine Heigl's line which does not look anything like the GA outfits.
  4. by   emnicams
    Thanks, i have seen those before and they don't look anything like the ones on the show. does anyone else know? I have tried searching on my own but of course any searches just come up with the scrubs like in the above link..
  5. by   Bookworm14
    I thought I read somewhere that they are custom made for the actresses. They wanted "flattering" scrubs and not the boxy fit.
  6. by   Sister Fox
    You can bet that for sure!

    However, when [the last hospital I worked in] got new stuff, the legs were really long and baggy. I am a BIG girl so had to have half a dozen sets bought in specially and these were even baggier than the normal sizes!! So I took mine to my sister (a seamstress of great talent) and she made them custom fitted! People were always asking me how come I got ones to fit while they had 6-10 inches of leg rolled up at their ankles!

  7. by   markEmark
    i like their cuts. but its too expensive for me.
  8. by   Valerie Salva has official Grey's Anatomy scrubs. They run really small, though.
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  9. by   aes_rn
    I dont know about the ones on the show, but I love the greys anatomy line of scrubs. they do run small though. "junior fit", i guess.
  10. by   morte
    Quote from aes_rn
    I dont know about the ones on the show, but I love the greys anatomy line of scrubs. they do run small though. "junior fit", i guess.
    yup, so marked, they are, which means women only.....unless they have others that i havent seen
  11. by   rkitty198
    I love the greys' anatomy scrubs! I have all of the colors, the material flows and looks very professional
    However if you dont have time to iron them then dont bother, they are sort of a pain to iron
    I think they wear very well too. I get lots of compliments on them. I am sort of tall, 5'7 and they fit great with the pain in a medium- I weigh about 153lbs and they do run sort of small I must say compared to the other brands out there....
    if you have to carry a lot in the pockets the material is sort of silky so you can pretty much see everything in the pockets...but I have clips on my phone and walkie talkie so they do pull the material down some
    For comfort these are great
    I did buy katherine heigle (spelling sorry) scrubs in the active-athletic style wear. The material was like a windjacket...sort of noisy...they have been just terrible- expensive and the material freys...dont bother with that brand- in my opinion.
  12. by   stephanie72978
    I understand the question you are asking, and despite what lots of people think, barco's "greys anatomy" line is nothing like what they actually wear on the show. No, they were not "custom made for the actreses" they simply found the best fitting scrubs that were designed by someone who actually wears them. The same scrubs are worn on "Private Practice" and some other medical shows. I have purchased from them many times, the scrubs are wonderful, fit great and I get so many compliments on them. They are called "Blue Sky Scrubs" here is a link to the site.
  13. by   CelloBella <--- This was all I could find. I'll be buying some royal blue scrubs for my NAC class really soon. The Scrub Shop I'm looking at sells the "Grey's Anatomy" scrubs, but I'm not sure if they are the EXACT ones from the show. That seems fairly rediculis that they would even MAKE the scrubs with that name unless they were from the show.The material feels so soft and the look of the female tops is so feminine and comfortable!
  14. by   stephanie72978
    I posted a reply about the scrubs worn on the show, they are designer scrubs from "Blue Sky". I have many of them and they are great, fit nicely and I have been complimented many times on them. I buy the "simple scrubs" only 20$ each piece. Less than the barco greys anatomy ones, which I also own. I like the barco ones but to me they seem too commercial, everyone has them. Here is a link to the site.