Black stethoscopes for everyone

  1. hey!!

    my whole class got the same black stethoscope!! what can i add or do to it so i always know which one is mine? thanks!!
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  3. by   TheSquire
    Well, ideally, before you ordered it from you should have had it engraved with your name...
  4. by   TCASII
    I assume the school gave you all a cheap steth as part of a package for class? If so, go out and buy a nice Littmann in the color you want, then even engrave if you like. They also have name tags. FWIW, engrave or name tag, they're ripped off a lot. Personally my steth is attached to me like an umbilical cord at all times, and sorry, no one can borrow it ;-)
  5. by   JBudd
    I got a tag at Petco, with my name and RN on it. My scope has walked away, been left behind, tucked behind the computer; and always come home again.

    Keep it with you, don't get in the habit of leaving it on the desk (I do that a lot....)
  6. by   Saysfaa
    If you are getting a different one, consider getting the most hideous color you can find.... it is less likely to walk away.
  7. by   Hygiene Queen
    Yessiree... get a GOOD steth.
    You don't even realize how much better you can hear with a nice one.
    I thought something was wrong with me because someone would say, "hey listen to this" and I wouldn't hear it.
    That was due to a combination on my inexperience... and a cheapo steth.
    I got a nice Litt and my life has been soooooooo much better.
    I did not think to get my initials on it but I like the idea of getting a tag made at Petco... think I'll do that today!
  8. by   sunkissed75
    thanks everyone for your responses!! everyone in the class got a really good stethoscope...a littmann classic 11!! today was our first day in clinicals and we were split into small groups to learn vitals and a couple of the steths did get mixed up!! nothing major...i had put an elastic loosley around mine and had no problem spotting it! today when i got home i put a dot of bright orange nail polish on the tubing of my steth and bp i'll always know which one is mine!!
  9. by   TCASII
    Eh, get a cardiology III and be done with it. ;-)
  10. by   sunkissed75
    Quote from tcasii
    eh, get a cardiology iii and be done with it. ;-)

    i have a feeling the graduation present from my husband is going to be a stethoscope...i know i have to wait 2 more years for it, but he'll get the best of the best for me...with engraving! so, for now i'll stick it out with my littmann classic ii! i actually really like it anyway!! however...i might start dropping hints about a cardiloloy iii! :d
  11. by   Macbs4
    Get a blank patient arm band from the unit secretary or patient registration; write your name in permanent marker, and apply it! Cheap!