Best Men's Nursing Shoes???

  1. Hey Gents,

    I will be leaving for Drexel University's ACE program in a few quickly approaching weeks. They said we need to have all white, leather sneakers or shoes. They can't have any other colors in them. This leaves out crocs, etc.

    Does anyone have any good suggestions? I haven't had any experiences with the men's clogs or anything. I might just end up getting a pair of all white nike shox.

    Thanks for the help!
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  3. by   hypocaffeinemia
    Obviously your foot type will make a big difference. I, too, have to wear all-white for clinicals. The best I could find at a reasonable price were a pair of K-Swiss tennis shoes.

    They're horrible.

    At work, I wear nothing but New Balance trail runners and love them, but alas, NB doesn't make a solid white shoe.

    My program prohibited the shox for an unknown reason. If yours doesn't and you find them comfortable, go for it.
  4. by   MBA2RN
    I'm a big guy (6'4"/225lb), and I went with Nike shox for clinicals. They were a real back saver. I made the mistake of wearing regular sneakers for clinicals a couple of times, and at the end of a 12 hour shift my feet and back were aching. But not when I wear my Nikes
  5. by   zaggar
    New Balance with a high number stamped on them.
  6. by   fredsmith2906
    I was able to find an all white pair of newblanace at shoe carnival (im in ok). they are not cross-trainers but they do well over long periods of time. I don't know if they have Shoe carnival stores where you live but I would imagine that they have a store online.
  7. by   Nurseinator
    I have a pair of all white Rebook shoes got them for $30, I think. Nike are also good but the pairs I saw where pretty expensive. I heard alot of good things about NB shoes.
  8. by   juniataemt06
    thanks for the replies. . .
    I ordered a pair of the dansko men's clogs to try because I was told that's what a lot of the 'surgeons" and "doctors" wear. They were too tight over the top of my foot and way uncomfortable. I am sending them back.
    From what I've found in the stores so far is very limited. Everything that's white has a black or blue swoosh or newbalance sign. . .
    I figure the closer we get to spring time, the more all white shoes will be coming out. Only have 3 weeks until I'm in class though. . .
    I think I will have to custom order a pair of shox in all white from in the ID section. Too bad it takes 4 weeks to arrive though.
  9. by   AznMurse
    been a nurse for two years and i have gone through millions of shoes. I did the nike shox, I am 5'6, 140 pounds that shox did not last me a and a half and it's not stable anymore. I prefer flatter soles but well padded. I recently ordered super birkis from birkenstock but alas, after further research The US does not have the white in stock and it has to be ordered from Germany. I've been waiting for mine (6-8 wks) to come, been 4 weeks now. tap tap tap. I threw away my Dansko. They are heavy, very poor traction (I was sliding side to side while pushing a stretcher with a patient in it), low in-step, stinky! right now i am still wearing my ill-formed shox while waiting for my German import to arrive.
  10. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Regarding finding a pair of solid white leather shoes, check out the Reebok line of shoes. Of course online shoe sources are great for selecting a pair for its look beforehand.

    I own a pair of el cheapo Target shoes, $19.95, these shoes are grey (sorry). Running shoes that weren't meant for running in. I own several pairs of very thick, well padded socks for boots that make up for qualities of structure you might find in say, a pair of Eccos. My feet are not sore at the end of the day. I often used them on my days off for a long six mile walk, so I definitely am getting my money's worth.
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  11. by   emtb2rn
    Danskos run small. Try 'em 1/2 size up. I wear a US 9 1/2 shoe and the Euro 43 fits me perfectly.

    I used Adidas walking shoes in school and they were awesome for 8 hour shifts but turned out not to be up to 12 hour shifts in the ER. I went with Merrell Topo Slides in white for a few months. They're awesome but aren't made anymore. Tried the Danskos on the recommendation of other RNs and one of our docs (he swears by them). Been wearing them for the past 2 months and they're great.
  12. by   RDW13
    I bought the all-white Brooks Addiction Walker for my clinicals. I have been very happy with them.
  13. by   nursedudeforchrist
    Nikes, dude
  14. by   sandnnw
    Get a cheap pair, you won't be wearing them much anyway, not in nursing school, clinicals are never over 7hrs. When you graduate, grab that pair of crocs and don't look back.

    Speaking of crocs, anyone tried the Bistros? They don't have holes, but are "slip resistant" and am wondering if they are worth the extra $10, otherwise, it's the holes for me!