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I am an RN in one of the largest LTC facilities in Ontario (320 beds) and I am also the infection control officer. I have been wearing Crocs, the Professional model and the Relief model, both... Read More

  1. by   JaxiaKiley
    We aren't allowed to wear any open toed or open heeled shoes, not just Crocs.
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    They may have my Crocs when they pry them from my cold, dead feet...................
  3. by   JRapha'sRN
    I was talking to our Infection Control person this week and she said that holes in the top are not ok, but the professional model is ok. She stated that the reasoning behind this is IF you were to drop a dirty needle and IF it were to act like a dart and go through your shoe then the closed top shoe (even thin nylon) will act as another layer of protection for your skin--and in theory, wipe off some of the bad stuff as the needle penetrated the shoe then your sock... That was the reasoning behind our hospital's policy.

    Crocs just came out with some really cute summer styles! I was going to get some Mary Janes, but now I'm undecided as there are 3 styles I want! (for outside of work)
  4. by   first_lobster
    I can totally see a ban on shoes with holes in them. I was recently attempting to empty a foley on my patient who was wide awake and due to be extubated soon, when low and behold i looked up in time to see her reaching for her et tube. I jumped up with a flourish, grabbed her hand, and, ..... poured pee all over my foot, front and back. Lucky for me, I wear Birkinstocks, with the enclosed front, and a higher back lip, so all of it stayed out of my shoe. I simply took them off, pulled out my dry foot bed, and shoved the remainder under scalding hot water, with hibicleanse. So w ban on holey shoes is ok with me. Now, non-holed comfy shoes, that's a different story. Unless they want to buy them , get over it.
  5. by   judyblueeyes
    I had to throw out a fairly new pair of Nike's because a pt leaked stool on them during a transfer assist. I washed and bleached the shoes, but the one still had a stool stain that I just couldn't bear to wear.

    No Croc's with holes at my place!
  6. by   cardiacRN2006
    I just fill my holes with jibbitz anyways...
  7. by   CRNI-ICU20
    If Crocs are causing medical people to fall and break their legs, wouldn't you think there would be a massive RECALL???
    I don't believe the story that "its happening all over the country...."
    An OTJ injury is covered under workman's compensation....the hospital does not bear the brunt of the injury....that is paid into via workman's comp insurance.....collective bargaining units, etc....
    This is just BS...
    I will do a google search and see if there's hundreds of Croc's injuries out back later...
  8. by   queenjean
    I stopped wearing my crocs to work after I had a lovenox needle go through them. It was one that you were supposed to depress the plunger firmly, and then the needle retracts. Except the needle didn't retract. So I'm looking at the syringe, I jiggle the barrel, and the needle pops out and nosedives into the top of my crocs (the solid ones, not the style with holes). That little needle went straight through them, luckily it went in between my toes instead of into one.

    Now I wear my leather London-style birks.
  9. by   RuralNP4KIDS
    Quote from stevielynn
    Well, I regularly have to disinfect my shoes and I still won't wear them inside my own home.

    We have one doc who wears Crocs and we all dread him in L&D. He makes such a bloody mess and walks out in those shoes and leaves footprints of blood all the way down the hall. Of course he would do that with whatever kind of shoes he wore.

    Shoes are probably one of the most dirty parts of what we wear everyday.
    Although I don't see the difference between Crocs and running shoes.

    At least the doc wears shoes!!! We have one older doc who frequently does deliveries in the middle of the night barefoot!! Or just as bad an old pair of shoes rumored to be from his med school days! Disgusting!!! Does anyone from IC address him? NO and they all know it occurs.
  10. by   queenjean
    Once, when I came home from a good day at work--no discernible blood, stool, urine, or vomit on me anywhere--my young dog went NUTS for my shoes. Could not keep her away from them. It was like she was a coke addict and I had walked through a bag before coming in the door.

    Considering she also acts this way about very dead animals, other dogs' old stool, and cow patties, I decided to never ever wear my shoes home. I wipe them down with disinfectant wipe every day, and put them back in my locker.