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This is my first semester in nursing school, the work is overwhelming and the readings are somehow difficult. I would like to know how you view your experience in nursing schol.:D


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Nursing school was over 24 years ago for me and I still remember the feeling of being overwhelmed and terrified.

There was so much to learn.

Check out the Student nurse forum here. You will find kindred spirits. Also, talk to your class mates. They are feeling the same.

The fact is, there is alot of information you need to master in order to be a safe practitioner. We're talking beginning level of mastery, and that is still pretty daunting.

But remember, they aren't going to throw you to the dogs tomorrow. In fact, you'll likely be on a pretty short leash for a while yet. read as much as you can, learn as much as you can from others experiences. Go forth and try to have a life, too.

Good luck.


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I really enjoyed the experience of nursing school, but I sometimes felt that the emphasis was in the wrong place. I have worked in a hospital my entire career and have yet to use A.P.A. format in any of my charting. It was very annoying in nursing school to write a great paper and get dinged because you misplaced a comma on your reference page.

Nursing school was stressful, but I think I gained a lot of self-discipline from the experience. You really have to get organized and keep up with all of the reading and assignments. I used to be a real procrastinator and learned quickly that would need to change to get through school.


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I could definitely share some stories about nursing school. I am in my 4th year (BN program) and it has definitely been a long haul. I went in thinking that the program was going to be interesting and informative and would make me a fabulous nurse. Well, I think I'll be a good nurse but it is me who has made me that way, not the schooling. Believe in yourself because (depending on where you're in school) it won't be the easiest few years of your life. Personally, I think nursing school was not what it was cracked up to be and there were too many politics involved, too many high-mucky muck instructors who chose too many teachers pets and definitely not enough clinical time. Remember to learn what you can and cherish what you do learn. You will expand on it so much once you're actually out there in clinical time or practicums.

And don't fret, the workload gets worse in the coming years! LOL

Best of luck!


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i found it overwhelming at first but you learnto adjust and study what needs to be. Ialso found it helpful to get an early start, i would find out what the assignments where before the semester started and try to read ahead before classes started


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I'm just recently out of school (August of this year)- and am still slighlty shell shocked! My program was 1 year- and it was by far the most difficult and challanging time of my life! Like all of you- I had my ups and downs, times when the holding my head upright was too exhausting! Looking back- I can honestly say, nursing school was the most exciting, exhausting, terrifying and rewarding thing I have done. So much to learn- so much responsibility to shoulder-so many twists and turns. You live it-breath it-sleep it (sleep fast...)-dream it. Sometimes it's hard to tell where school stops and the person you are begins!

But, in the end- my whole life is so much better for it, in so many ways.

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This is also my first year of nursing school and I am a foreign student. Even though my English comprehension is excellent, A&P

Lecture quizes (which i get every week) have been a huge disappointment.

I don't know if this has anything to do with my instructor. He is great, but very cocky. I *never* had to study this hard for a B.


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Originally posted by MollyJ

Check out the Student nurse forum here. You will find kindred spirits. Also, talk to your class mates. They are feeling the same.

Yes, check us out at the Student Nurse Forum !! We are all in the same boat so to speak.

Welcome !!:)

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Originally posted by Rodriguez

This is my first semester in nursing school, the work is overwhelming and the readings are somehow difficult. I would like to know how you view your experience in nursing schol...

Hola Rodriguez! :)

Welcome to family that knows no other addiction...honestly! :D :balloons:

I enjoyed college as a whole....especially the nursing program. I only found one quarter particularly rough for me because the professor I had sucked big time! You may have one of those professors before you graduate the program....just foreworning you to not allow him/her to break you....they will certainly try, that's for sure. :rolleyes:

I ate, slept, and breathed my textbooks. I went to bed with them, woke up to them on my bed, never went anywhere without them, even on vacations with the family. I graduated with a 3.4 GPA.....which only says that all the hard work I put into college paid off for me.......doesn't mean a hill of beans to someone else's GPA being worse or better than mine. You give it what you've got, and you'll get out of it what you put into it.

Anytime you need a lift in your spirits, encouragement to not quit, a shoulder to cry on, just come see your new family here at Allnurses and we'll take real good care of you dear. :kiss

I graduated college in 1987, so I've been out a just a little while.....compared to the 25 to 40 year nursing pros. Nursing today is much tougher than it was when I worked. It was tough then, but still pleasurable......and didn't make me want to quit.....not ever. However, as you will read and hear about nursing today.....things have changed and not necessarily for the better, so make darn sure you really feel "called" to be a nurse before investing your life into it. Nursing does require every drop of blood in your body in payments that you'll never recoup in a paycheck. I wish you all the best! Go forth and become the best darn nurse you know you already are inside.......all you need is the educational training behind you to put you in the career field of your choice. :nurse:

Nursing school for me was the most challenging time in my life!! I worked full time and attended school @ night, it can be done..I'm living proof of that..Keep the faith, you will get through it and you'll be glad you did!! Linda


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I am also in my first semester (3rd year of school, 1st of nursing) and while there is a LOT to absorb and learn, I am loving it because it's what I want to do so it doesn't seem so hard...for me, anyway ;-). I found A&P to be a LOT harder for me. The best thing to do for yourself is to find a method that works for you as far as studying, and stick with it. I believe half the battle is just finding a system to get it all done.

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