how is the nursing school prespectives in Texas

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I am a nursing student and I am pretty much finishing with my pre reqs about to make application for my clinicals the nursing schools in ATL GA I do not like.

How difficult is the nursing school prespectives in Texas

How is the job market there as well

I am looking for a state where I can work, and do my clinicals without having to jump through a bunch of loops and hoops like GA. I have some family issues that I have decided to not allow to continue to get in my way anymore so I will definetly leaving GA ASAP. Now my plan is to go home, however, I want to have my RN ASN or even my LPN before doing so, this way I can have a stable means of income that would be comptable to my old career Accounting.

Either a LPN or a ASN program will suit me find

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What kind of 'hoops' do you mean? All nursing schools have prereqs to be completed before acceptance to the program and are VERY competitive to get into.


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You will always have to jump through hoops in pretty much any nursing school (even the CCs) you go to. It's hard to get into nursing school - and once you do get in, you've gotta be on top of your game at all times. It's tough being a nursing student, so good for you on getting the family drama out of the way early - nursing school drama is plenty for most people to deal with, haha.

The job market is competitive at times in the places where lots of nursing schools are clustered. Plus I got mine right before Ike, so I'm not really sure how difficult it is these days. Some hospitals are having freezes, but things change - it's not always easy to predict what the market will be like when you graduate.

I am aware that all nursing schools are competive, I should elaborate, I am seeking either my ASN or LPN, if I did the LPN program, I would like to continue on with EC bridge program for LPN to RN.

Do Texas BON of take the online program

Also, here in GA, we do not have many ASN programs in the area, I believe there is 1 within my area that is around a 30 min drive to , another school in my area the is 1 hours drive and the waiting list forget about it.

We have no private nursing programs so that is not an option

GA will not take EC online programs and the few LPN programs has as much of a waiting list as the RN programs.


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There is no waiting list at Austin community college. You can work and do this program as well. Most semesters lecture is 1-2 days a week for 4 hours and clinicals are 2 days / week / 8 hours. Don't waste your money with excelsior. Many state boards are no longer licensing their graduates.


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The job market sucks!!!!!!!!! Consider a new field. No one wants to hire new nurses.

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