Nursing school, here I come!


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School starts on Friday!! Picked up my books!


I am so excited!! I am ready and I am so eager to learn!!! These next 2 years are going to be crazy but I am so thankful for supportive family, friends and neighbors. This site has been a God send and it has answered all kinds of questions! Good luck to everyone!!! :nurse:



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Got mine today too, so excited! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

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Those books make me drool! I can't wait to finish up these last pre-reqs! I'm ready to get my hands on these and have an excuse to buy all the extra nursing books too! :D Good luck you guys!


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aww good luck i have to wait one more year to be in nursing school but good luck and congratulations! Just study hard and keep focus and you will do great!


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Im studying for my BSN and I cant wait to go back for another semester!!! Its hard work, no denying it but SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!! Cant wait to see my friends again! Can't wait for the hot chocolate that they have in my nursing school! Cant wait to get back into the clincial skills labs and learn new skills!! Cant wait to get back on clinicals!! Can't wait for the good feeling you get when you get good results back, makes you feel like the hard work is defo worth it! Cant wait for a good night out with my nursing student friends!! Cant wait to get to wear my nursing shoes again...ugly but comfy!! :D :D :D YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TOO :D :D :D :D

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I can't wait for the madness to begin either !!! Did more shopping today. Bought more pens, a tote for theory, a new digital recorder, and ID holder and Mary hogans prentice hall nclex review for pharmacology. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. I look forward to my starbucks too !!! Chai tea latte...yum, yum, yum.