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I've only found a few nursing schools where you can either start in the fall or in the spring. Sadly I didn't get in for the fall this year and I know most spring deadlines are in August does anyone know of any schools that also start in the spring?


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Well My school starts in the spring and fall. To be considered you have to have your ACT or NLN score, transcripts, and attendance at a pre admission conference turned in by March 1st for fall and July 1st for Spring. You have to have successfully completed your pre-reqs before you enter the first nursing course but you dont have to have them done to apply.

I go to school in western Ky though. What area are you in?


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My school has an evening/weekend class in the spring and we can't apply until Sept.1, but I am in Mississippi.

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DePaul has a Winter-Start Cohort (which starts the first week of January - yay for quarter systems :barf01:) but you have to have a bachelor's to apply.


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In California, Sacramento State; Samuel Merit; Long Beach; and USF accepts in Fall and in Spring.

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Spring start here with application deadline of 07/31/09. Have to have your PSB, all pre-req's, transcriots, immunizations and application submitted by then. they let you know six weeks later if you are in or not.

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