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Hey! Does anyone have any information on nursing school that accepts transfer credits from an accelerated program? I am looking at transferring, but I can't seem to find many schools that will accept other nursing credits!


Never heard of any nursing school that accepts nursing credits from other nursing school. You may only transfer the pre-req courses, as far as I know. Btw, why are you transferring? Are you moving? If so, why not just finish, since it is an accelerated program?

Check out schools in Iowa, my bf transfer some nursing classes

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As a general rule, nursing credits will not transfer. While the state BON sets the curriculum, schools are free to arrange it as they prefer. That means classes aren't going to be the same from school to school, and thus non-transferable as you must meet the requirements of the BON to graduate.

If you want to start somewhere else soon, concentrate on other attributes of programs, such as distance from where you now live. You aren't going to easily find a school that will accept nursing classes from your present program. Accept that you will probably be starting over when it comes to the nursing classes. Try to frame it in a positive note. You will be getting reinforcement of concepts as part of the deal.

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