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  1. Hey! Does anyone have any information on nursing school that accepts transfer credits from an accelerated program? I am looking at transferring, but I can't seem to find many schools that will accept other nursing credits! Thanks!
  2. Accelerated Nursing

    Does anyone else find it frustrating that accelerated nursing programs seem to all have different requirements? Some want labs in-person, some want 300-level Stats courses, some want organic chem or human growth psych, some want a TEAS or other exam,...
  3. UBC 2020 Nursing

    Hey! Just wanted to start this for anyone looking to apply to the 2020 cycle for UBC accelerated nursing. Let's share what we'll be applying with and any other info :).
  4. NYU Accelerated Nursing Fall 2020

    Hi guys! Thought I'd make a forum for NYU's ABSN Program for fall 2020. Let me introduce myself. My name is Alexis Paige. Currently in California. I received my BA in psych from a private university with a GPA below 3.0. Took pre-reqs in multiple com...

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