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Do any one knows of any nursing scholarships or loan programs for nursing students over 24? I am 25 and just enrolled for the LPN program at FCTC. FAFSA is only covering $1,100 of the cost. Being that I have to quit my job in order to attend nursing school due to the hours of operations,I will need assistance with the cost.

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I am not familiar with any nursing scholarships based upon age. BTW, Twenty Four (!!) is not considered old or unusual for nursing education. In the past, I have seen LPN/LVN scholarships sponsored by large SNF corporations - to support their existing CNAs who want to become nurses. I'm also aware of a few instances of 'workforce' grants for people who were displaced from previous occupations and needed retraining.

It's likely that you will have to do a lot of investigation to see what is available in your area. You might start with asking the admissions people at your local programs. However, it's likely that you will have to obtain part-time work &/or take out student loans.


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I too am looking for scholarships for nursing students. If you meet certain criteria workforce may help. If I come across anything legit I will let you know. Much luck!!!


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Is that including grants, and loans? Check with your school to see if they have any scholarships you can apply for. Usually the school has some scholarships specifically for nursing students and other general scholarships.

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Google is your friend


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No, workforce is not for grants or loans. They pay for certain career continuing education. Yiu are right @addydooley, the school should have info about scholarships for nursing students.


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The military has pretty great programs for education... plus rather than you paying for an LPN program, they'll pay YOU, and after graduation you'll have a guaranteed job (like 90% are in hospitals) with great benefits, and loads of access to free money for education if you go for it. You have to be willing to be a Soldier, and everything that entails. Likelihood of being shot at are slim, but chances of being treated like a lowly private without rights are high. I did it and loved it. 1.5 years of Army training and school, then a year of work while taking night classes, 9 months working in a level 1 trauma hospital in Germany, a bit of shuffling here and there, then 1 year of full-time civilian school courtesy of Uncle Sam. I'm now an RN employed in a world-class ICU just months after earning my RN, and my 6-year Reserves (yep! Part-time!) enlistment ends in a month. I was lucky to get active time in though... you don't get the GI bill if you don't have Active Duty time. So if not the Reserves then Active is what guarantees you the job post-training and keeps you from LPN long term care hell.

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Is that including grants, and loans? Check with your school to see if they have any scholarships you can apply for. Usually the school has some scholarships specifically for nursing students and other general scholarships.

Ditto this. If you haven't already PLEASE schedule a meeting with financial aid at your school. They can help you interpret your fafsa, in addition to telling you about scholarships, etc.

You may already be aware that at 24 your status changes from dependent to independent, unless you were already independent prior to this. In most cases this means your federal loan lifetime limit increases from $31,000 to $57,500. $1100 sounds low unless you are close to reaching your maximum limits.

Best of luck!


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I received grants and scholarships throughout all of nursing school. I first perused my schools website for scholarships, and looked specifically at scholarships that were applicable to my situation (basically that I was a 27; there was nothing else about my story that made me a star candidate). What really helped me, and will help you and anyone else looking for scholarships is the essay. My scholarship essays detailed my desire and commitment to become an RN, but that financially I couldn't afford to pay for it. I didn't negate the fact that I could easily take out loans, but my desire was to try and go to school debt free. I highlighted in my essays that this is a life-long dream, I am an excellent candidate for a scholarship and should the scholarship powers that be grant me the money for school, I would not let them down. It's all in the wording of your essay.

I would also recommend checking out your local Quota club. I merely reached out to them and inquired about scholarship money; my local branch was gracious and also helped to cover my tuition.

Don't give up! You can get full or partial funding for school. :)


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Thank you, I was able to apply for the Horatio Alger Association and was granted a 2,500 scholarship.I am still on the lookout for more programs! I will keep you updated


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Is that a scholarship from your school ?