Resume Critique...thanks!

  1. How does this look? I feel like I've been applying and applying and having interviews but thats it.

    LPN that is desiring to enter a healthcare institution where I can obtain additional experience, continue to build on my skills, and make a positive impact on the people I care for.

    Practical Nursing Program Spring 2014 Tulsa Technology Center: Tulsa, OK
    Associate's Degree, Liberal Arts Spring 2005 Tulsa Community College: Tulsa, OK

    Licensed Practical Nurse

    St. John Sapulpa: Sapulpa, OK: July 2016 - March 2017
    Cared for a team of patients on an inpatient Med Surg/Swing unit, administered oral and IV medications, assisted with dressing changes and wound care, documented patient care, worked with other nurses and nurse aides
    Reason for leaving: needed to go part time after a hospital stay, no positions available

    St. Francis Hospital, Tulsa, OK: May 2014 – July 2016
    Outpatient Imaging Center - Start IVs for patients before CT and MRI scans, Access ports for patients before CT and MRI scans and de-access after, Pass oral contrast to patients, Draw necessary labs for patients, Perform EKGs for patients, Screen MRI patients before scans

    Laureate Psychiatric Clinic & Hospital - Cared for a team of patients on a geriatric inpatient mental health unit, Administered scheduled and prn medications as ordered by physicians, Document patient care and treatment, Assisted RNs and other LPNs on the unit.
    Reason for leaving: provide medical care for minor child

    Nurse Technician
    St. Francis Hospital, Children's Hospital, Tulsa, OK: Oct. 2012 - Apr. 2014
    Worked with patients and their families on a pediatric neurology/surgical floor, Monitor and record vital signs and intake/output (diapers, potty hats, foley catheter, ostomy pouches), Assist patients and families with feeding, transferring, dressing, and bathing, Obtained stool and urine samples for urinalysis and stool cultures, Answered call lights/phones and aided in patient comfort and safety by adjusting beds, lights, bed rails, pillow, patient's clothing and bedtime tables/equipment.
    Reason for leaving: passed LPN NCLEX exam

    Merchandising Specialist
    O'Reilly Auto Parts, Tulsa and Owasso, OK - Mar. 2007 - April 2012
    Checked in daily stock orders and managed inventory levels, Set up new displays and organized store merchandise racks by size, style, and product, Set up sales, promotions, and price changes for retail merchandise, Assisted with deliveries to retail shop customers, Looked up merchandise and created sales invoices for retail and shop customers, Assisted with yearly inventory at other O'Reilly stores in NE Oklahoma

    Delivery Specialist
    O'Reilly Auto Parts: Tulsa, OK - Jan. 2006 - Mar. 2007
    Delivered automotive merchandise to local automotive shops, Assisted with stocking shelves with new merchandise

    Licensed Practical Nurse, Okla., No #blahblah, Exp 4/2019
    BLS Provider, American Heart Association, Exp 8/2018
    Food handler’s permit, Exp 4/2020
    Alumnae member of Alpha Gamma Delta
    Dean's Honor Roll: Tulsa Community College

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  3. by   Krissymvp
    Your summary statement is actually an objective which is of no use...they know you want the job or you would not be applying, reword it to highlight your key strengths and what you bring to the table. Get rid of reasons for leaving previous jobs, they just scream you have other responsibilities that prevent you from doing your job. Bullet responsibilities for each job which makes an easier read. Remove references available upon request, that is a given and not needed. Hope this helps.
  4. by   Krissymvp
    I would also suggest removing older positions that have nothing to do with nursing. They are taking up valuable resume space and add nothing. Save that for your application if an extended work history is required.
  5. by   KelRN215
    Experience BEFORE education once you have actual nursing experience. Get rid of non-nursing experience. You have had 3 nursing jobs, your non-nursing experience from 10 years ago is irrelevant. I agree to take out your reasons for leaving, especially the one about needing to go part-time after a hospitalization. You don't need prospective employers knowing that information before they ever meet you. I would also change the job descriptions- if you are working as a nurse, it is assumed that you documented patient care and putting something like that in there is unnecessary and gives the reader the impression that you are just trying to fill space with fluff.
  6. by   Nurse Beth
    So I'll be honest.

    Reading it leaves me a bit sad and wary- not what you are going for. You will not "catch any fish" with this bait. A recruiter needs to think "Wow! I can't wait to call this person!"

    You must project a positive persona through your resume, and not give cause for doubt.

    Instead of essentially just saying "I did my job":
    "Cared for a team of patients on an inpatient Med Surg/Swing unit, administered oral and IV medications, assisted with dressing changes and wound care, documented patient care, worked with other nurses and nurse aides"

    How about giving examples of what a great job you did (draw examples from your performance)":
    Voted Employe of the Month
    Outstanding attendance X 2 years
    Selected to precept new staff
    Participated in patient satisfaction performance improvement....and so on.

    This is what I show how to do in my book (below), with examples of resumes sure to help you stand out.

    Best wishes, Nurse Beth

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