New grad career change and reentering the workforce after 10 years -

  1. I would appreciate any input on whether to include my previous work history on my resume. I am a Dec 2012 grad of an ADN program and am not getting called for any interviews despite applying for 100+ positions. I left my last job in 2003 when I had my children and was able to stay home with them after they were born (twins), returned to school in 2009, and now I have my nursing license. I think the long gap in employment is hurting me and am not sure if I'd be better off leaving it off my resume and applications and just including my education. I have years of experience in healthcare as a surgical technician (7 yrs) and physician scheduling and administrative assistant for VPs in hospital administration (4 yrs). I do feel this experience is relevant to a nursing position, but prospective employers apparently do not. Also, including this past experience makes my resume 2 pages and I know that it's best to keep it to one page. It's just not possible for me to convey what I've done and keep it to one page.

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  3. by   Student Mom to Three
    Congrats on making it through nursing school with kiddos.....not easy! I was in a similar position: BS in Psych with a pretty decent work history, quit work to stay home and raise kids for ten years and then went to nursing school. I put my previous work history on my resume. I think it is important for employers to see that you have been a professional, etc. Just be sure to explain your absence from the workforce within your resume. I think I did this with a "I left this position to raise my family and attend nursing school" at the end of my job description. I always found a way to make my past work as a social worker/case manager seem pertinent to whatever job I was applying for. You can certainly do that with your medical field experience.

    I think it sounds like you have a great background....things will happen for you! Good luck!
  4. by   HouTx
    Agree - keep your pre-nursing background on your resume.

    I don't think that the 'workforce gap' is the issue... it can be easily understood since you took that time to be at home with young children and obtain your nursing education. It's just hard for any new grads to get jobs, especially if you don't have a BSN. Your persistence will pay off eventually.
  5. by   Blue Cat
    Thank you both for the feedback and encouragement.
    Student Mom to Three - I like the suggestion to put the reason for leaving the last position in the job description. I have addressed it in my cover letter, but I think having it there as well will clarify for anyone just glancing over my resume. I'll admit that I am used to getting interviews and being offered any position that I went after in past job searches, so this rejection is new for me.....and I don't like it one bit!! I am working toward my BSN and have included that as well. It's disheartening to not even get a single call for an interview after so many applications that are so tedious and time-consuming to complete online. I'm a single mom and school was one of the hardest things I've done (aside from being a single mom to twins), so it's extra disheartening to have gone through all that thinking that it will pay off in the end when it may not. I just live in fear that I'll be one of those new grads who is still looking for a nursing job a year after graduation. That's not an option financially, so I will continue to be persistent and hopeful that something pans out.

  6. by   Altra
    Blue Cat -- you can, and probably should, cut your resume down to one page. My work history as a new grad nurse was not unlike yours -- more than a decade in another field, followed by a gap of time in which I raised a family and completed nursing school. I'm happy to help if you'd like to PM me. Good luck to you.
  7. by   bdinga
    I'm in the same boat as you guys. Lost job in 09', finished my adn in Dec. 2011 and my board "lost" my application...finally licensed Nov.27,2012. I have read somewhere to list your accomplishments in work hx, not your duties or responsibilities...Had about 6 "no thanks" so far but i am changing my resume to this approach after I post this. Good luck to all!
  8. by   Blue Cat
    Altra, thank you so much for your suggestion and offer to help! I have whittled it down to 1 page and will see if that gets me any calls.