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    New Graduate RN Residency Programs

    Use the web to search for residency programs. I live in Ga. and found 2 programs available for RN residency. Columbus and Brunswick each had one hospital that even offered new grad residency programs. You apply for the residency only, then would be placed later. Both programs are extreemly competitive and only take a limited amount(18 or less in one)and only do program twice a year(summer/winter). I Appled to both and was denied for both. Good luck!
  2. Great, excellent resources. Thank You!
  3. I'm in the same boat as you guys. Lost job in 09', finished my adn in Dec. 2011 and my board "lost" my application...finally licensed Nov.27,2012. I have read somewhere to list your accomplishments in work hx, not your duties or responsibilities...Had about 6 "no thanks" so far but i am changing my resume to this approach after I post this. Good luck to all!