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Does anyone have any tips on how I can be a part of research/publications?

Thank you!

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look into who is doing research where you are. I am involved in a study and I am getting to know the researchers. Now I am back in graduate school and I will have opportunities present as I go.


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how did you find them? thank you!

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If you're in a hospital where research is conducted the department is usually called something like Research and Regulatory Affairs.

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Get involved in the projects/committees/etc. where you work. Those projects can turn into publications and/or research projects. Just as important, they give you the opportunity to network with the type of people in your facility who does that sort of thing. Once you are "in the group," you can let them know of your further interest and get some support from there.


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You can also start writing articles on things you're well-versed in, such as your specialty area. They don't have to be research per se but a concept/theoretical type paper where you cite other people's research. You can do that while working on finding out who the researchers are at your facility and getting on projects. If you have never been published before and want to try it out, you can write something for this website. You can also write letters to the editor of your favorite nursing journals or opinion pieces. Then when you feel more comfortable move on to longer articles.

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I'm just mostly a pain in the butt and ask a lot of questions, volunteer for a lot of things. You meet people, you talk to them, you learn things. It's not necessarily a conscious thing, I just find cool stuff going on. It helps that I work at a very large teaching hospital.