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  1. Nursing Research

    how did you find them? thank you!
  2. Nursing Research

    Does anyone have any tips on how I can be a part of research/publications? Thank you!
  3. Hello, Has anyone taken this N400 Physical Assessment class and would be able to provide insight? The admissions rep said there are no clinicals or labs required. Not sure if it is worth the money but would be helpful as I work FT. Did this course p...
  4. Hello, I am considering applying to UCLA but live in San Bernardino Area. It will be a several hour drive with traffic to and from. I am wondering what current students think about the program, and if they feel it is worth it to go there. Thank you!
  5. UCI MSN NP Program

    Any graduates or current students of UCI NP Program? I am considering applying and would like to know how the program is. Also their website states students are responsible for finding some preceptors..was this difficult? Any issues with this? I dec...
  6. NP Student Experience

    ahh unfortunately I am a NCM and i dont have direct pt contact besides phone calls!
  7. NP Student Experience

    Hello all! I'll be starting Chamberain's online FNP Program 8/2016, while working FT. Does anyone know of any volunteer organizations/programs where I can practice physical exams etc. My friend who went to medical school was able to do high school st...
  8. MSN FNP 2016

    hi bitheresie, ill be starting Aug as well!