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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

  1. by   hihopes22
    Does anyone attending La Inter have any info regarding working on campus part time? OR does anyone have info on prospective jobs near the campus where being fully bilingual is not a must?
  2. by   WorldTravelingYogi
    npandres no it is not too late. You can apply really late and get in but I wouldn't chance it as they are hiring a new director and already have a new assistant director. The program is so crazy popular as word spreads that I heard they "may" (and don't quote me) limit enrollment a tiny bit next year.

    hihopes I am not sure about work trade but what about Starbucks right next to campus. I don't think you would need much Spanish there. It is the highest grossing Starbucks on the island and is mainly all students.
  3. by   npandres
    Thanks yogi im trying to apply for FAFSA as i type this anybody know what the federal school code is for La inter?
  4. by   npandres
    never mind found it
    Federal School Code: 003938
  5. by   hihopes22
    Thanks! I will look into the Starbucks!
  6. by   guerra
    Thanks Jen
    so far i love Umet @ cupey and yes my spanish is good enough to be in the nursing program at cupey .,, i just though of a better option to be in a bilingual program for a better chance at the NCLEX but thus far i think i will stick with cupey's program and looking to getting umm any study guide for NCLEX that i can use as back refrence (translation really)through my nursing program at cupey ... Awesome that your taking spanish classes Good luck!
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  7. by   guerra
    Thanks for the info ... Yogi
    but as of right now i feel very pleased with Umet in cupey that i have wont be looking into getting in the bilingual program in Umet in Bayamon ... But i have definately heard good things about la Inter ... Im just not displeased with Umet to change to la Inter but thanks again for the info
  8. by   feetinthedirt
    hey worldtravelingyogi,
    thanks for your reply. i am going to go speak with the assistant director or director once more on monday before i fly home. she didn't seem very excited about me wanting to change my start date, so i think it will take some convincing. do you think you could pass along my info to one of those people doing the accelerated-november start date combo? feetinthedirt@yahoo.com or--if you know--if i do it this way, will i be taking classes straight through, or will i have the next summer off? will i be taking a heavier courseload each trimester? i am really trying to get all my ducks in a row before i leave. thanks so much for all your help. and if you are around campus on monday, let me know!


    ps i will be camping down in the southwest for the next few days and don't have guaranteed computer access, but will try when i can!
  9. by   keke1017
    Does anyone have any idea how to look for apartments near the school. My goal is to start the program in August.
  10. by   hihopes22

    You can check clasificadosonline.com. But from experience, your best bet is to go in person and look around.
  11. by   magochell
    Hi will be starting the Nursing program in Aug 2012 at the Interamerica as well. I am excited as well. I will be bringing my 12 year old daughter along and I am currently searching for a school for her. Have you found any private schools that you may be considering? I am also concerned about the distance of the my daughters school and the University. I plan to make the move over to PR in mid- July to "Set It Off"..Looking for all responses....
  12. by   guerra
    Just want to share with Umet BSN students a uniform offer i find to be great!
    Nuevo Renacer in Rio Piedra offers
    2 sets (top/pants)
    including school logo and name tags for each set
    for $85.60
    their numer is (787)462-1847
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  13. by   tmp25
    Hello everyone!

    I purchased my plane ticket for PR a couple weeks ago. I'll be there the beginning of May. I've been looking at hotels on the beach and wondered which area is the best area thats not too too far from the school itself. I've map quested the school from the hotels and it tells me 10-15 minutes on a lot of them, but I know thats not an accurate time frame because its not including traffic and such. I know some of the students from La Inter live on the beach so could you all suggest an area? Thank you in advance!!!