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  1. Baptist Versant Program 2014

    Holycross has been great so far. I live in Hollywood and I worked nights so it took about an hr or a little more to get to work in the afternoon and then about the same time to get home in the mornings. I fell asleep driving on my way home (I was abo...
  2. Baptist Versant Program 2014

    Just wanted to say congratulations to all of those who applied and got in and good luck to those who are in the process of applying and interviewing. I started this form and I'm glad it's helped a lot of people get information from each other. I am n...
  3. la inter or UMET

    The Hurst review is the best. I took it after I finished nursing school at UMET. They came to PR and I passed on the first try.
  4. Umet and InterAmericana Nursing School

    BTW UMET is accredited. I graduated from there July 2013 took my nclex in October 2013 and passed. I am now working on a med surg floor since March of this yr. Really both schools has its good professors and horrible ones. The nursing classes are in...
  5. NCLEX @ Puerto Rico

    Go on the Wisconsin board of nursing. There will be papers you need to print fill out and send to Wisconsin
  6. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    If they ha the hrsa grant you still qualify
  7. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    They have a master's program however I think you need your BSN first
  8. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    I had to take out both but if you have Pell grants it can help plus! Once you're there idk how long you can ask if they still have the hrsa grant. Keep calling to speed up the process. That's what I did because I was applying for the VALOR program a...
  9. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    Yes in Cupey campus you can take the train there. It's a lady who does the "international" transcripts
  10. Baptist Versant Program 2014

    No testing at least for the med surg units. I think the specialties have much more classes with test. The only test I had was for the 3 day arrhythmia class. It's challenging in the sense that ok we know what's going on because we just came out of nu...
  11. Baptist Versant Program 2014

    Congratulations to all of you who got accepted!! You're going to love working for Baptist and the next few months are going to be tough but remember to just keep going, you'll make it through. We all know nursing isn't easy and the transition from st...
  12. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    My transcripts were not transferred until almost a yr later! Lol mainly because I forgot to send two transcripts but I just took the classes I knew I didn't have mostly nursing classes.
  13. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    I took all my pre reqs in fl including all of my science classes but it is offered in Umet.
  14. Baptist Versant Program 2014

    I was called by a nursing recruiter and was offered two positions. They allow you to choose which one you want.
  15. Baptist Versant Program 2014

    Hey, I did just in case. I brought extra resumes and copies of everything. Dress up nice like a suit and they want you to have your license brf you start.