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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

  1. by   Jen_Jen88
    What happened with Umet?
  2. by   flrican1
    Since I brought over so many credits they where not able to acommodate me to at least half-time for the whole program. So, I decided to go ahead and just get the Bachelors degree and in January I am will transfer to Bayamon (plus it's alot closer to where I live). Hope all is well and that your adjusting to this new life. TC
  3. by   Jen_Jen88
    Today I registered for classes. Three classes August-September and one with a lab October-December. Clinicals start after our 8 weeks in lab! Hope to see you around next year! Enjoy the next few weeks off!
  4. by   StCroixFutureNurse
    So i arrived in PR last night and spent all day today at inter. I spent an hr and a half in the nursing office...and then went to see E in the English trimester office. He is 100% totally awesome. He took my registration paper and carried me upstairs and as we were passing the line of students he said, "this is the line u will not have to stand up in today." He took my paper to the back...he got me registered for two classes and the others were full so he proceeded to take the paper to the different departments and get signatures for me while I got a place in the fin aid line. He came back with a completed registration form and handed it to me with a smile. Then I decided I would change from ADN to BSN, he found the form filled it out for me and then asked me to autograph it. He then takes it to admissions and in 5 mins flat it was processed. I am super impressed with this guy. He needs a raise. I was totally capable of doing everything on my own but I guess its in his nature to help. E is the best.

    Orientation for the nursing program was long but lots of really valuable info. They r starting something new where the nursing students get to where a set of mint green scrub to class for lab days. And then there is a separate set of scrubs for clinical days in the hospital. There was a whole lot more info that was given being as we were there from 1 to sometime after 3pm.

    I hope everyone is getting through these crazy days ok.
  5. by   StCroixFutureNurse
    Another thing to all those students who have been here a while. I want to know how does this financial aid thing work? They r telling us to come back on august 15 to deal with our loans. But the date that they will cancel classes if they r not paid for is the august 8. What am I supposed to do if I'm 100% financial aid student?
  6. by   nini1987
    im wondering the same thing!
  7. by   AlaBro2010
    You can ask to defer your tuition payment.
  8. by   ladyscorpian14
    Hi can anyone help me does anyone have "E" contact information?
  9. by   designer-mommy
    Quote from ladyscorpian14
    Hi can anyone help me does anyone have "E" contact information?
    I PM'd you
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    Hi, does anyone know if Metropolitan University has pre-req's if so, what are they? How much cheaper are they?
  11. by   snowshyne
    Quote from designer-mommy
    I PM'd you
    Would you mind sending me the info as well? I've been trying to figure out how to contact "E" as well

    And by the way, thank you for all of the wonderful info that you've given everyone over time. You, WorldTraveling Yogi, and others have been very helpful to everyone.
  12. by   snowshyne
    I've been reading these posts for a couple of years now and have been debating attending this school. I finally called them and talked to someone about the program and I'm very much interested. I have a few questions that maybe someone can help me with.

    On their website, it indicates that an interview is required prior to being accepted into the program. However, in all of these posts I've read, I don't recall seeing any mention of an interview. I don't mind going of course, but I wonder if they now have different criteria. Has anyone else had an interview?

    Also, I couldn't find an application in English on their website. A few of you have said that they were able to email it to you. I asked the lady there if she could email it to me, and she said it was online, so emailing it wasn't necessary. Does anyone have a link for the English application? I can't find it anywhere on their website.

    I also asked if the program started any other time of the year than August, and I was told that I could begin in November. Has anyone else started in November? I think I'll probably take some classes online beginning in November and apply for next August. I know that Christian religion and History of Puerto Rico can be taken online, so I'll do those for now.
  13. by   StCroixFutureNurse
    Hi, I'm currently at inter and yes when u come here u must sit down and talk with the nursing director Dr. A. She will break down what is expected of you and what courses will have to take in order to complete the degree. So that is considered to be the interview. And yes they may start in November if there is a need. So if they told you that u can start then maybe there is a need. If u can begin in November y wait?

    Anything else just ask.
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