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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

  1. by   Txmom3
    Quote from Jen_Jen88
    I've decided to go with Umet! I visited both schools and Umet caught my attention more.
    Can you elaborate please. Share why you made that decision, what was most important to you? My understanding is that the program at UMET is better but longer.
  2. by   JTorres89
    I visited UMET yesterday, the program is divided into bimesters (8weeks) You should be done in 2 years
  3. by   JTorres89
    I've also decide to go with UMET, I based my decision on the fact that UMET offers Human Anatomy, Microbiology and Chemistry for Health Science course where as the InterMetro does not. The inter metro claims to incorporate these course in there nursing courses but I would much rather take the courses and the labs. The director showed me the classrooms which are very well equipped!!!!!!!! The UMET works with Bimesters, the program consists of 17 nursing courses, anatomy microbiology and chemistry, so I think you can finish it in 2 years!!!!
  4. by   JTorres89
    Im not sure what tour current status is but I live in PR and I would not recommend anyone to enroll to the UPR in San Juan, they are always on strike and it is very chaotic. If you want to actually be able to study and finish within a specific time frame look into other Universities
  5. by   JTorres89
    Quote from glen8955
    I was just reading through the old posts and was wondering if anyone knows when the application deadline is for InterAmerican, or any other schools? Also any other information about admissions anyone can contribute is greatly appreciated. I want to try and get in for Fall 2011 as it is very difficult to get into a program here in FL.
    If im not mistaken the deadline for the Intermetro is May1st for the august admissions, thats what it says on the website. Apparently UMET does not have a deadline and Im not to sure about the universidad de puerto rico but i would also imagine it has to be done early on since it is a public institution and the tuition is so affordable
  6. by   Jen_Jen88
    Like JTorres89 stated the classes are VERY well equipped! Stimulation Dolls, clean classrooms, they have big tables not small HS chairs, projectors for powerpoints. The director gave me the tour and showed me EVERYTHING! from all the labs to the general ed class rooms. I may have to take some classes like history of pr and what not but its worth it. Plus so far there are about only 8-10 students signed up for the program which is lovely smaller classes.
  7. by   AlaBro2010
    I have chosen UMET too! Jen helped me decide in a way. I've been to the Inter and it wasnt bad but not anything I'd be happy going back to. UMET has better facilities, labs, etc. Fully bilingual professors and small class sizes.

    Ultimately, it's fine with me it takes a few more months. I'm confident that I will learn there what I need to become a nurse and pass the NCLEX. Its the best choice for me, just like the Inter might be for others.

    I can't wait to start : )
  8. by   FeMaMaFutureRN
    Are there any pre reqs needed for UMET???? Is it difficult to get in???
  9. by   Jen_Jen88
    All you need is a 2.0. Pre reqs include microbiology, chem, anatomy, two classes of western civilization, two maths, sociology, electives, etc lol
  10. by   AlaBro2010
    There are no pre-req's Ijust gen eds) but you have a limit to the certain amount of classes you can take, so it would benefit you to get them done beforehand. I did notice in the course catalog that in order for you to start the first three nursing courses you have to have Human Anatomy done, so I guess in a way, that's the only real pre-req.
  11. by   Jen_Jen88
    Sorry like belle1005 said no pre reqs. The classes I mentioned are those needed for the bsn. Some of them
  12. by   FeMaMaFutureRN
    Whats the website for UMET??? InterAmericana is driving me up the wall. Is the nursing program at UMET in English???? and what's the website for UMET?
  13. by   artofisis