Using College Network to move ahead

  1. I don't know where to ask this question, maybe a post here will get me some suggestions. I am now doing the college network to advance to RN. Has anybody else done this? any suggestions to make it easier? I would not be doing it this way i would rather be in a classroom but is not easy finding a bridge program. with the shortage, the govt. should issue an educational policy of some kind.
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  3. by   tlc365
    I have also purchased my materials from The Network and have mixed feelings about it. The materials are well organized and easy to study from but they are so expensive. I signed the contract without calling Excelsior College first. They recommend texts that you can buy online or at a bookstore for much cheaper. You still have to pay for each test after reading and studying the material then when you are completed with prereqs and take NSG Concepts1 you need to apply and enroll into Excelsiors Program and there is a cost to that process as well but Excelsior has a payment plan available. So be sure to research your options well. The College Network is not a nursing program they are a publishing company only!
  4. by   Boston-RN
    I myself have not signed up with the college network so I can't say much about the "fluff" costs but I did use one of their study guides for the last test NC4 because I was overwhelmed with the amount of material in the textbooks so I ordered the NC4 guide online and it took me 1.5 weeks go get through the material (as opposed to 3-4 weeks that it would have taken me for all the chapters in all the texts listed on the study guide) and I took the test and got an A.

    And I ALWAYS use the excelsior practice exam. There are questions on there that are EXACTLY on the test.
  5. by   rsalas558
    Unfortunately, I went through The College Network as well and I felt it was a COMPLETE waste of money! First of all, The College Network uses very slick wording that is intended to make people think that they are affiliated with Excelsior College, when in fact, Excelsior College has nothing to do with their study guides. I recently graduated from Excelsior and can definitely say that after every test, I left feeling like NOTHING I had read or learned in the guide was on the test. What I ended up realizing is....the BEST thing for me was to pay for the Excelsior practice tests for each course and let THAT guide you as to what you need to focus on or research (on your own)...I could have passed all my tests w/o ever opening TCN's materials. They prey on the fears of new students not knowing what to expect....just my experience
  6. by   Boston-RN
    I didn't go directly through TCN but I did use their guides for 2 of the exams and was happy I did, I saved myself a lot of time with studying and got A's on both exams. The cheapest I was able to purchase the the guides on ebay for was $75 and I had bid on a few others that ended up going for >$85. I don't know how much the "extra" cost was but if I had it to do over again I would at least look into the cost of convenience.
  7. by   lawsonnic
    I used the College Network texts also. And after every exam I just wondered where they got the questions from because they were not in the book I studied. I stopped reading the books and just studied the questions at the end of the book and bought the online practice exams from Excelsior. It went faster for me that way and it didn't make any difference if I read the book or not. I passed most of the exams with B's doing it that way.
  8. by   SuesquatchRN
    I am in Excelsior and am not using TCN. You'll save a lot of money my way.
  9. by   Ziptac
    Excelsior's method takes too much time and you never have all the answers that you want to have. It takes dedicated people studying multiple hours a day to get through an Excelsior exam. If you use TCN you go 2 to 3 times as fast and have a huge support network. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole point the higher pay!? Why go slow when every month you're missing out on approx $1500!? A small investment leads to a greater, easier return. People using TCN materials get A's and B's because of the network.

    P.S. I'm on Stats right now, using a TCN book. And I hope to get an A like before.
  10. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but TCN gives you the questions and answers? Even though that is good, but I would believe it does help to read the book.... I don't see that as cheating, but I do see that as a cop out.....In other words, are you getting all the information in order to be able to practice as a nurse? Or are you just getting the answers to pass the NCLEX?
  11. by   Ziptac
    Until you use, don't judge. One of the TCN books included is the NLN NCLEX prep. It is a huge diagnosing tool used to find your weaknesses and help you study to get better.

    HMMMM, I wonder why the NLN has teamed up with TCN? Maybe it's because the TCN program works. If it didn't, the NLN wouldn't be hanging around.
  12. by   Ziptac
    Oh also, the TCN books are designed to get you to be better. They don't just give you the answers.

    PS if you're still a CNA, TCN has a new RRT (respitory therapist)
  13. by   vonxojn
    Does anyone have College Network materials that they would like to sell?
    I'm doing Excelsior College Nursing Concept 3 right now and could use some help. Thanks.