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Hi All, I'm new to this site and to the field of nursing. Has anyone gone to this school and if so, what did you think? I live in San Diego, CA, and there is an online program that this... Read More

  1. by   mtaylor12
    1) I believe it is August 24th
    2) No idea, but in addition to books u will also need supplies and uniforms I have budgeted 500 a semester, but I have no idea if that is enough
    3) 1 open house in July, and 2 day Orientation in August, or so I believe.
    4) Not sure
  2. by   laura06baby
    Installments...I believe

    I hope getting an email is a good sign for all of you...Roushel I am sure you cant wait to go home
    Also I believe alternates attend orientation too....
  3. by   zzyzx
    do you guys know when the 2-day orientation is?
  4. by   mtaylor12
    I believe around the 12th, 13th of August for SD, not sure for Glendale
  5. by   karree2000
    Hi Laura,
    Actually I don't think alternate is being invited to the orientation. I am an SD alternate and haven't got an email yet. Wondering if any alternate got orientation email. =)
  6. by   wendy99
    Hi, congrats to all accepted!
    I applied to both Glendale and San Diego sites.
    And got accepted in Glendale. However, I live in San Diego.
    I am hoping I can switch my admission to san diego. If anyone has this kind experience?
    Or please let me know the detail about open house in San Diego. I might really want to go and talk the officer to see if there's chance that I can switch. I hope I at least stay as an alternate in san diego site.
    Thanks. Please email me or just post here to let me know.
  7. by   wendy99
    HI, Laura
    Can you tell me the date, time and location of SD open house ?
    I am accepted in Glendale. However, I live in SD and also applied for SD as well. I really want to stay at least an alternative in SD site.
    Thanks for your help.
  8. by   laura06baby
    My friend is also an alternate and she did not get one...but I remember from past semesters that alternates did go...just in case you will be accepted last minute
    The best thing is to call them tomorrow...
  9. by   laura06baby
    this is the email

    open house for applicants to the fall 2009 absn program in san diego will be held on tuesday, july 21 at 9610 granite ridge, suite a, san diego, california. registration will open at 12:30 with the program beginning at 1:00pm.

    if you are unable to attend, you must contact the director of nursing education to make other arrangements. failure to do so could result in an offer of admission being withdrawn.

    attendance at this event is strongly encouraged as you will receive critical information about required immunizations, textbooks, curriculum details, transcript requirement, and financial aid. for those of you admitted to the program, you will have the opportunity to purchase a student id. the id costs $10 and must be paid in the form of a check or money order.

    a cpr class will be offered for those needing to satisfy this requirement. the class will be offered from 6-9pm after open house. please reserve your space and receive cost information when you register for open house.
    space, as well as parking, is limited, please do not bring guests with you to this event.

    if you have any questions, please contact our office.

    please do not publicly post faculty names, email addresses, or phone numbers in the threads, as it is against our tos. thanks- the mod team
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  10. by   wendy99
    Hi, Is anyone accepted in Glendale and live in that area?
    I live in san Diego but accepted there.
    I need a place to stay for the clinic days. If anyone have place to share or rent for few days a week, please let me know. I'd really appreciate that. Thanks.
    To whom alreaday already in Glendale program, if you could help me with that, I would really appreciate that. It's really hard for me and my husband for the fact that I am accepted way up there.
  11. by   wendy99
    Hi, I'm accepted in Glendale. however, I live in SD. If you know any place for rent or share, please let me know. I need a place to stay few nights a week for clinic. Thanks.
  12. by   Lenore22
    Quote from mtaylor12
    Lenore22, I am still waiting on my letter, but I did get an email, did you get an email about Open house?
    I didn't get an email, so you must have been accepted. Congratulations!
  13. by   Pe1980
    thanks Lenore, hopefully that is the case . I can't wait to get my result tomorrow..hopefully you will get in too.