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Hi All, I'm new to this site and to the field of nursing. Has anyone gone to this school and if so, what did you think? I live in San Diego, CA, and there is an online program that this... Read More

  1. by   casey11
    Does anyone know when we should be hearing from OU?
  2. by   laura06baby
    I believe mid July...
  3. by   cyjoo830
    For the Glendale students,

    If you don't mind me asking, what is your schedule like? What days are your study days and clinical days? Basically how many days are you at Glendale and for how many hours? Are there mandatory study groups or is it voluntary depending on your fellow classmates?

    I live in Orange County and it's a bit of a drive so I am curious to know what the schedule is like. Any responses would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thank you and Good Luck to everybody!
  4. by   Roushel
    Hey Laura,

    I applied for fall 09 too! And am I nervous! Did you take micro through ccconline this recent spring under professor ME? ( I forgot the professor's name but he always signs his emails ME).
  5. by   laura06baby
    I did but I was in a different class my prof was Cindy is funny you are asking me this because I have a friend B who I believe was in your class...
    I am nervous too... I hope we get in...did you apply for SD?
  6. by   laura06baby
    I have a question for those of you attending this program...

    how/ when is the tuition paid? is it expected monthly/ every semester or for the whole 14 months ?
  7. by   laura06baby
    Another question lol
    are we allowed to use a blackberry instead of a PDA during clinicals?
    thank you again
  8. by   boogeysmomRN
    I have an iPhone, and didn't use it but once on the floor. You don't really need it for anything. At least in my experience. Maybe once you get to 4th semester and you have more autonomy, but for now, it doesn't really matter.

    But if your question is if the school has a preference, they do not or at least have not said anything to us about preference.

    They have payment plans for those not using financial aid, or you can pay it all at once or in installments.
  9. by   laura06baby
    thank you so are always so helpful
    I was asking about the blackberry because someone said to make sure a phone is allowed to be used on the floor (this if i decide not to get a PDA instead)

    do you have any idea what payment plans they have? monthly etc ??? how much?
    sorry I am asking so many questions
    thank you
  10. by   bonnieblu02
    Quote from LaLaws
    Did they receive 200 applications for SD or Glendale? Thanks!
    The 200 were for San Diego, where I applied I didn't ask how many Glendale received
  11. by   bonnieblu02
    Quote from casey11
    Does anyone know when we should be hearing from OU?
    They told me that they mail our decisions and that it can be up to 8 weeks after June 1! they cut it sooooo close! how are we supposed to get everything in order before classes start????
  12. by   magxter
    Hello Everybody!

    I'm also an applicant for Fall '09 in Glendale. However, my US Govt is not going to be completed until end of July and my Toefl score will not be posted until June 26th. Are there other applicants who have "in-progress" classes like me?

    Does anyone know if I'm even going to be considered for the Fall? Yikes ..
  13. by   laura06baby
    you will probably be considered....from what I've heard