Took NC 4 Today.. So disappointed......

  1. <p>I was a complete a** today. I really should aced this one. Instead I rushed through it 32 minutes start to finished and landed myself a C. I studied so hard for this one. I know I mastered the material, I guess I just didn't think about the questions critically. Anyway hopefully I'll be ready for NC 6 next week. It is my LAST NC !!!!!!!.....</p>
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  3. by   toicole
    You passed be happy, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know it is not the A or B you wanted, but it is still passing.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    Don't be too hard on yourself!! Pick yourself up and keeping going ... remember, you PASSED!
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    Hey, C = 4 credits. Just pace yourself for the next - and LAST!
  6. by   qtgirl4u04
    Dream nurse don't beat yourself up,, you passed I felt the same way for NC5 I got a C. I just prayed to God that I would pass so that C look like an A to me. Once we finished this path no one will care if we got an A or C on these exams just as long as we pass the most important one the NCLEX. Also I'm studying for NC6 also if you want we can shear some study tips.
  7. by   FocusRN
    Thanks ya'll. I'm trying no to be too hard, on myself b/c part of he reason That I was rushing is b/c I'm pregnant again, and have been having ridiculous morning sickness. I didn't want to go Exorcist all over the computer.

    Ohh, qtgirl4u04 that would be great, how far along are you?
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from Dream_Nurse2b
    I didn't want to go Exorcist all over the computer.
    Okay, you almost made coffee come out my nose! LOL!! You should schedule your next test in the afternoon, methinks!
  9. by   Baloney Amputation
    I have a similar situation. I was stupid with NC1. I took microbiology on the same day in the a.m. and got an A. I then started having monster cramps and didn't take any APAP or anything, so by the afternoon I was in pain and my mind was blown from micro in the morning. I got a C on NC1 that afternoon, and I still beat myself up about it. (I took it in August!) I have all but NC4 and 5 taken at this time with all A's except that darned NC1. It does mean that you are another test closer to being CPNE eligible. If you must, you can take it again once you are CPNE eligible and waiting to test, but I was warned that the last time you take a particular test, that will be the grade you receive. (I asked an adviser this question after that C I got). I think that if your other grades are good, the C will look like a fluke and not reflect your ability all around. After all, if you are looking to go to grad school or something, the grad schools know the setup of how you test out of classes, and one bad day can really mess up an entire class grade in the EC program.

    Good luck on NC6! I took that one after I took NC1, and it really helped to up my confidence. You'll do fine.
  10. by   qtgirl4u04
    I would like to take this test in two wks
  11. by   FocusRN
    Quote from Lunah
    Okay, you almost made coffee come out my nose! LOL!! You should schedule your next test in the afternoon, methinks!
    LOL! Me too.

    qtgirl4u04 I want to take it by next Friday. I need to print out my notes, in notebook for today, and get my meds down first.
  12. by   fatcat0899 RN
    I am sorry your not satisfied with that excellent grade you got. I say that b/c, you are doing one of the hardest programs around ( self-study, self discipline) and you are being to hard on yourself. I have been following you from the day I started on this journey, and you as well as NCgirl35 and Lunah ( to just name a few) have been an source of inspiration to me. Please, don't look down on that C, It is still a grade to be proud of.

    Congrats on your successup: