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Has anyone taken either Straighterline A&P I or II, with or without lab? I am looking to sign up within the next week or so and am wondering if I need the book they "suggest", or can I get away with... Read More

  1. by   renge1
    Congratulations Romstead!!!!!
  2. by   texan2011
    Romstead: I just started the A&P I with lab at SL. You said in a prior post that we really don't need the microscope -- do you still think that? Because this course has already cost a ton.

    I read the chapter and did all the 3 review tests (and even some flashcards) on the book's website (review and comprehension, etc.) Do I need to work the harder problems at the end that are interspersed through the chapter. I want to really learn the material and do well but not make it harder than I need to.

    I also don't see much to even turn in -- it seems like the course is go buy the stuff, read it, and take the tests.

    Thanks -- you have been VERY helpful.
  3. by   Kaligirl02
    You don't need a microscope for the class. The CD rom that came in your lab pack (If your taking it with lab) has slides on it.
  4. by   romstead
    I never needed a microscope.. the slides are in the CD or and on the lab website. with your lab instructions..

  5. by   txnewby
    Personally, I think the Straighterline course is hard because your only grade is the test. I have done really well but I have referred to the book for some of the tricky questions and the drawings -- there is nothing in the instructions about not using the book.

    Has anyone had the final? Did you have to proctor? Straighterline SAYS WGU says it has to be proctored -- but no one at WGU will confirm this. Could you use the book?????
  6. by   LVN/RNBridge
    Txnewby- the answer to your question for proctoring is "yes" for WGU. You sign up for proctoring when you enroll in SL and your final is proctored via webcam by proctoru. I hope this helps:-)
  7. by   Mommy2M&M
    Hi! I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you could tell me how long it took you to complete the a&p I or II, or microbiology courses at Straighterline. I am trying to price out how many months I will have to pay the $99 fee for. I was told that some people could finish it within a month, but others take a few months. I would be taking the classes one at a time to try to just focus my energy on one subject at a time. Any input would be appreciated! Thank you so much in advance!
  8. by   txnewby
    Hi -- good question, but it HAS been a long time. I did this for a lark and in the end realized I would just stay put with what I was doing. I am a perfectionist and did make an A+ in A&P I, and it did take me 4 months -- I could have probably done it faster but I decided I was in no hurry. I had a full time job making good money. If I had been out of work and in need to get it through it quickly, I probably could have done it in a month or two and made a lower grade. The course ran over Christmas, and I decided I could not put my other interests on hold. However, I am probably the exception. After the course, I put it all away (donated the lab kit to my daughter's school) and buckled down to my current job and will probably retire in it. Widen your request and you will probably find many people who got through in a month or so. They do let you use your book for the final and whether it is proctored depends on the nursing school requirements. But if it is proctored and you need the book make sure you have that in writing to show the proctor person. They are very OCD.
  9. by   Mommy2M&M
    Thank you very much for the reply. I am hoping to get A's in the courses as I have been told I will need them to even be considered for the WGU program out here in California. I took Anatomy already and received an A, but have been in a bind trying to get into the Physiology class at a brick and mortar. Unfortunately, straighterline only offers physiology in the a&p package, so I will have to retake anatomy to get the physio component. It is a little frustrating, but I'm hoping that my previous experience with the subject will help me to move a little quicker through the class and still get an A. Thank you so very much for the info.
  10. by   goal2bfnp
    Hi. I have some questions on the labs with Straighterline. Can you PM when youre free please. goal2bfnp
  11. by   E-commerce
    Hi Kaligirl02 I will be starting the LVN program in two weeks and just received my book list. I will be starting A&P using the Body Structures and Functions 11th Ed. I wanted to know what helped you succeed in the class? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks