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  1. txnewby

    Why do mean/crabby people become nurses??

    I am reading "Social Intelligence" right now by Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence -- EQ). I understand your free time is probably very limited -- but a great book. These nurses are very short on social skills -- zero self-awareness and sounds almost like narcissistic personality disorder. They feel no embarassment and shame for their treatment of others. They are never wrong and everything is done for their own glory -- blithely stepping on other toes. Realizing I should not be doing an arm chair analysis of people I don't know (or do know for that matter!) -- but seeing it in print as a disorder does help me to distance myself and realize it is totally their issue. Dealing with people who have limited empathy is very challenging. The problem is that you are a normal person who does have empathy and feelings -- so you are looking at her behavior based on what would ever trigger you to act that way. Bottom line -- she does not have the social capacity you do so you are beating your head against the wall to figure out the reasons. Sorry -- but I will say most professions have their share of jerks.
  2. txnewby

    Do you work for a Home Health Agency?

    I have a friend who works for Bayada. I don't know about that particular market, but nationwide they seem to have a good company culture.
  3. txnewby

    Hospital Won't Hire Obese Workers

    Why is not hiring for weight any different than not hiring for smoking? Each is equally difficult to remedy. You could argue that both might be the result of an addiction or "out of the control" of the person. Both cause more sick days and increased medical costs. For women, it is almost harder to stop smoking than to lose weight. Why should the other nurses take up the slack for an obese nurse or, on the other hand, one who has to take smoke breaks every hour? For every obese nurse that swears she is just as healthy as a skinny one, one smoker could swear the same thing. My daughter is a family practice MD. A very obese patient (one of the hospital nurses) was complaining in her office (as her patient) that the said nurse could not make it across the hospital parking lot without stopping for breath. My daughter looked up and innocently asked if she could assist her in losing weight. The nurse acted like her doc was nuts. All she wanted was a disabled parking sticker. Well, if the nurse can't make it across the parking lot, how is she handling her patients?
  4. txnewby

    Online a&p straighterline for wgu

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. I still have not had a response from WGU whether I have to be proctored. Are you using your book with a proctored exam????
  5. txnewby


    Missingmy Erica: Re SL A&P -- how difficult was the Final? Did they make you use ProctorU? SL says WGU requires a proctor -- as in a webcam where you are watched like solitary confinement. And you have to pay extra for it and get a computer with a webcam Thanks!!!
  6. txnewby

    Straighterline A&P

    Personally, I think the Straighterline course is hard because your only grade is the test. I have done really well but I have referred to the book for some of the tricky questions and the drawings -- there is nothing in the instructions about not using the book. Has anyone had the final? Did you have to proctor? Straighterline SAYS WGU says it has to be proctored -- but no one at WGU will confirm this. Could you use the book?????
  7. Has anyone made it all the way through Straighterline A&P for WGU's program? I have found it easy to pass, but difficult to make a high percentage. I gather that it is open-book -- however it now appears that the final (which counts for a lot) must be proctored by UProctor. I have never used a webcam before and the idea of someone sitting there and watching me is unsettling. If the last test is indeed proctored -- is it also open book? The instructions say you may not get help -- is that from another person? -- or from notes or book? Help -- I am going to have to memorize this stuff (all 8 chapters) if it is a closed book test because the unit test questions were all over the map and some very picky. Also -- what was the final like? How much minutia? Could you have passed it simply by reading it and taking the practice tests? Thank you very much for any replies.
  8. txnewby

    Finished Straighterline A&P

    I am in the second part of Straighterline A&P I and I find it hard and confusing because you have to teach yourself totally. Also, there is no specific material to hone in on -- the tests cover the whole entire chapter!!! OK so far because the tests are, I guess, open book. The saving grace. However, I was just told that the final is proctored --- does that mean no notes at all -- cold turkey??? and how hard was the test? Anyone go through this yet??? Help.

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