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Howdy all, I bit the bullet and after much research, I decided on Grand Canyon! Wow, I did not expect BSN schools to be like used car salesmen--hounding me by emails and phone calls. Rather... Read More

  1. by   lindsayloo
    I'm in the 10 week capstone now. So far it's going pretty well. Can't wait until it's over!
  2. by   emetts
    I start the RN-BSN program in June. A heads-up regarding instructors would be fantastic!
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  3. by   emetts
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  4. by   howlee
    Can anyone tell me about the new stats class and how to get help with it . I have yet to find anyone that has taken it. I'm almost ready to try it again. GCU does not have a tutor (I have already asked) and the whole class has changed so the you tube videos do not help. I would like to talk with someone who taken the new class!!
  5. by   Flames9_RN
    There used to be 2 places to check for Tutors, believe 1 was associated with GCU and the other wasn't...Will look when I get home from work.....The other option is finding a local tutor and paying out of pocket.
  6. by   Flames9_RN
    found in the student..university portal: http://gcu.tutortrac.com/tracweb40/default.html says it has stats tutors...
  7. by   4mranch
    lindsayloo, how far are you into the capstone? That is my next, and final, class - I start on April 24. Thank goodnes no group projects. Do you still have DQs each week?
  8. by   Flames9_RN
    The beauty of 10 weeks..u get 5 more weeks of DQs,lol It was mentioned on anothger post, or maybe it was from a private chat I had. I recall 1 of the DQS was the same question from Stats class..of course Stats has changed, so may no longer be the case
  9. by   4mranch
    Hi Flames. As you have mentioned before, the DQs are not generally difficult. It does get a bit monotonous as it seems like we all regurgitate the same information. I wish they would mix up the DQs and the assignments some. You can google them and find responses from 2013 to the same DQs and assignments!. I don't plagiarize from them, but when you get stuck it has helped me with a direction. This program has been time consuming, and challenging, but it is very doable. I am happy that I choose GCU. I just have spring fever and so want to be done
  10. by   Flames9_RN
    Ya the DQs could be done better....I found it was the same old stuff regarding the replies...people just agreeing with the poster...lol I say just do away with the DQs..and find something to replace it....now that I'm done th eprogram..I say add another paper to write,lol
  11. by   NayNaeRN
    Quote from lindsayloo
    I'm in the 10 week capstone now. So far it's going pretty well. Can't wait until it's over!
    How is the capstone course going? I just started on Monday. I am a bit overwhelmed. any advice?
  12. by   Flames9_RN
    From what I understand, nothing has really changed with capstone..same "stuff" just spread over 10 weeks.....If one is prepared they have their PICOT rdy to go and 15 articles...... Its now Saturday, so my advice is pretty much useless,lol my advice:

    1) Have ones PICOT rdy to go before the class starts......Google PICOT and understand what it truly means and keep in mind it has to be nurse related

    2) come up with Articles.....you need at least 15.....8 have to be research......15 is the MINIMUM.....have more at the ready!! Do NOT be afraid to ask the librarians for help....that is what they are there for!!!

    3) Back to PICOT......Can 1 find a lot of info on ur subject? Or are u making life terribly difficult on urself?? Keeping in mind that for the most part articles have to be published within the past 5 yrs

    4)Ask about word limits. many profs do not care, but some do......

    Many get scared about capstone...it is a lot of work......BUT if it is on a topic you like, it can actually be the easiest class of the whole program! Maybe "easiest" is not the best word to use, but the 1 long paper you will actually enjoy writing. I'm guessing most are in the 40-50 page range, so yes a lot of work.....but with the right topic.....enjoyable work. You got this
  13. by   lindsayloo
    I am coming to end of week 8. We do have 2 discussion boards every week. There are three weeks of just doing DB and no papers! At the beginning it was overwhelming, but it really isn't too bad! Good luck!