Nursing 2: waiver?

  1. It says on the excelsior web site that if you are a LPN you can skip concepts 2. Has anyone done this?
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  3. by   Boston-RN
    Yes....I enrolled in October and didn't have to take NC2 in my status report it just reads "P" for passed and is not required for the program. You just need to send in transcripts and copy of your license
  4. by   anticoagulationurse
    Oh dang! Wish I'd ave known that!!!!! Would have saved me a few hundred bucks and many hours of studies! Too bad they don't do that automatically. I think it's wrong you would have to know to ask about it for crying out loud.
  5. by   caliotter3

    maybe the policy changed after you took the test. Hard to imagine that they wouldn't have automatically addressed the exemption with you as you listed on your application to the program your LPN status. Then again, I was forced to retake all the tests when I reentered after having dropped previously. Made no sense to me when all of my transferred-in credits were still good. My EC unofficial transcripts even list my previous NC tests. Why list them, showing that I passed when you're making me retake them? IMO collection of higher fees for test retakes, I wouldn't listen to any other reason for this. I also am surprised that they offer the exemption for NC2 to begin with.

    Anyway, iwannabearn, best wishes for your success w/Excelsior!!
  6. by   tgb3rn
    The policy did change. It used to be only if you had a B average in your core LPN program, now any LPN gets it. I got it --had an A average:wink2: .
  7. by   In_Chantress
    I think the "fine print" state that the waiver is only good if your LPN program was NLNAC accredited. The program I graduated from was only accredited for their RN program. However, the LPN and RN program are the same curriculum... RN is just 2 semesters longer. But I still didn't get the waiver.