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I am trying to sort out the info for Excelsior & need a little help. Can I get study material from eBay, yahoo, etc & contact Pearson to schedule test dates prior to enrolling. Basically I am... Read More

  1. by   Diahni
    Quote from eelite36
    It should not take that long if you study 3-5 times a week. If you can go to the library. Then if you use all the resources on ebay, you should get through in about 10-11 months. I'm not kidding. That's if you concentrate on it every chance you get.
    I purchased study notes from Ebay from, and they are both economical and very thorough. By all means, we should look at the books, but avoid the pitfall of trying to learn everything. At Excelsior, we have the opportunity to do practice tests for the nursing concepts exams. By all means, take advantage of this, as this will tell you volumes about what kind of thinking is involved on the exams, and what information is important.
  2. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from eelite36
    Nursing Concepts 1-7 exams are $220 each. Some of the other general courses vary in prices. They might be cheaper than the core classes. The CPNE is about $1725. The enrollment fee is currently $895 plus other fees if financing. The initial application is about $70. Just get the study guides from Distance Learning Systems on ebay. Also you can purchase questions and answers from Nurse Justin on ebay. One last thing. For every year that you're enrolled, you must pay annual fee (about $500). Some other tests are about $190.
    Tuition went up as of July 1. NC1-NC7 are now $235 each, and the CPNE is (I think) $1850. I know Micro is now $205. Seems like a $15 increase on all exams, and a bigger one for CPNE. I've seen the prices for the exams, but the new CPNE price is what someone else told me -- I'm trying to verify that one, but can't find it on the EC website yet. They haven't updated all of their publications yet, including the "How Much Will Your ADN Cost?" brochure, which would have the info.
  3. by   niceguytx
    I took NC3 this month, but I was only charged $220. I wonder when the prices change.
  4. by   niceguytx
    I know someone that took a test each week. With clinicals included, it took her 8 months to complete because of the waiting list for clinicals.
  5. by   niceguytx
    I was notified that Excelsior is now a Title 4 financial aid school. I wonder if that applies to the nursing program!?
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    i have no clue what title 4 is, but i do know this in order to get pell grants and fin assist from the gov they must have title iv funding.

    Quote from niceguytx
    i was notified that excelsior is now a title 4 financial aid school. i wonder if that applies to the nursing program!?
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from niceguytx
    I took NC3 this month, but I was only charged $220. I wonder when the prices change.
    You must have registered/paid for it before July 1st -- that was when the tuition went up. I took NC2 on July 3 and only paid $220 because I registered the month before. I registered for NC3 on July 5 and it cost $235.
  8. by   niceguytx
    Yes, They have title iv funding now. They sent me a letter announcing it, and they also said it during the graduation ceremony via webcast!
  9. by   niceguytx
    Now that I think about it, I did pay for it before July 1. Atleast I saved this time. Next time will be the new price though.
  10. by   txspadequeenRN
    if this is true then this is a great great thing.. ill be checking this out today and post what they tell me.. the web site still says they are not a title 5 funder.

    Quote from niceguytx
    yes, they have title iv funding now. they sent me a letter announcing it, and they also said it during the graduation ceremony via webcast!
  11. by   txspadequeenRN
    i just talked with ec and they will be offering title iv funding..however, it will not apply to the associate degree nursing program because it is exam based and not semester based.
  12. by   niceguytx
    Yeah, that is what I was afraid of!
  13. by   skagitsonic
    Wow, I just read through all of these EC threads because I was curious was what out there for an online LPN-RN degree. I was curious if any one knew if EC degrees are accepted by all of the US as far as taking the NCLEX goes? I'd like to thank everyone whose posted so far, your information has been invaluable. It's so great that we can avoid pitfalls by the generosity of information from the people that fell in that pit right before we were about to. I too was spending time looking at the College Network website and am so thankful I found this website in my generalized search for LPN-RN online courses.