INfo for LVN to BSN at indiana state university?

  1. it states intheir material that clinicals are done locally with a preceptor..does this mean you have to do a practical clinical test in order to complete the program ( like regents?) or you just do your hours in clinical like any BSN program?
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  3. by   DelanaRN
    I don't know the answer, but am interested in knowing as well.
    How would an LPN to BSN online program work?
    That would be awesome!
  4. by   txspadequeenRN
    The clinicals are done just like a regular on campus program.You must find a preceptor and I think they will help you with this. I did visit their website the other day and they have a list posted of hospitals they have contracts with but I still think you have to be the one to set it up.
  5. by   wt2001
    Quote from Kashia
    it states intheir material that clinicals are done locally with a preceptor..does this mean you have to do a practical clinical test in order to complete the program ( like regents?) or you just do your hours in clinical like any BSN program?
    Hi, I have just started this program and I will be doing my clinicals at my local hospital. It does take a little time for approval but this process was already started by 3 fellow co-workers that began in January. I'm just happy that I don't have to drive or fly somewhere to have only 2 days of clinical time and be under so much stress that I will probably fail.
  6. by   Marisela01
    How do I get info about the LVN-BSN program? I'm taking prereq's right now to apply to the University of Texas @ Tyler (I'm form Texas), but the school is like an hour away.....I really like to know how much it cost too.....
  7. by   txspadequeenRN
    You can look up the website for Indiana State University then do a request for info. I did it here a couple of days a go and the lady wrote me back saying the request for infomation was so high they are somewhat backed up. But you can get most of what you need of the website to get you started.

    Quote from Marisela01
    How do I get info about the LVN-BSN program? I'm taking prereq's right now to apply to the University of Texas @ Tyler (I'm form Texas), but the school is like an hour away.....I really like to know how much it cost too.....
  8. by   jamangel
    I have an appointment on Saturday to speak with someone locally referred by the College Network. I was very happy to hear that the clinicals would be like if you actually attended on campus.

    I also love that tuition is the same as in state because we're doingeverything totally online.
  9. by   critter1972
    I've read a lot of bad things about The College Network. However, after speaking with someone from ISU, i was told, by them, that The College Network and ISU have a partnership.

    The College Network may be "just a publishing company" as i have read other people say, but ISU directs you to The College Network. TCN provides the study materials for the general education courses needed. They also provide the study materials in what they call Phase 2 of the program.

    So, my experience with TCN was good! There are a few of my general education courses that i will have to retake....because my school was a vocational school and isn't regionally accredited. That doesn't bother me cuz i already knew that after trying to get into local programs. I need 13 general education courses and the monthly payment is around $150 a month, but that also includes the 4 courses in Phase 2 as well.

    I know that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but The College Network isn't anything like Rue. I spoke with an advisor from there and went to their website...i did my research and found that this company has actual partnerships with over 10 universities (cornell university is one of them!) The other 'publishing companies' don't have those kind of partnerships. in fact, i discovered that this TCN company is legit.

    All i know is that i'm glad that this LVN-BSN program through Indiana State has been approved by the state board in CA (feb 16th).
  10. by   laizure
    To me, it sound like the College Network will work well for YOU! You offered many pros to the program. I really think it is an individual choice. It is too bad that more people like you have not spoken out about there opinion on the College Network. You also said you hadn't started the program, so that is great that you have offered you opinion. Most of the posts about the college network is however from people who are already in the program and are offering there opinion about there success or failure. Some people like myself, want to do extensive research before taking a big step. I came to the conclusion that the College Network was not for me because of the these factors:

    1 - The per course (per book) charge is very expensive. I looked through one of the books they offered and saw very few pictures (some people are visual learners).

    My Alternative, to this? Why pay almost $500 when you can get it for much cheaper and get more for free. Example, lets take Chemistry. Search the Internet for a video course on Chemistry. Lets move it one more notch, Want to go to UC Berkley for free? UC Berkley is just one of many sites that offer all the real classes that regular in house students use totally online and for free. So the first step is to go to class. Feel free to visit and use this link. . You can even follow along in real time, buy the real college book and do the homework just like the students without really going to UC Berkley. Your like a phantom student.

    Part two of of section 1 - Why pay almost $500 when you can get the CLEP books for free. Major companies make the clep books and you can find reviews about them and see how they are working out for people from places like your Library or at The military uses the CLEP system quite widely, if you search you can find many clep books and study aids free online, example:

    2 - Why pay for college when you can get it for free. Many respected teachers love to share and help. So they make course online for free. These free programs are interactive, which means you can actually ask questions when you are stuck for a person with a Phd. Example:

    3- Gotta study right? There are hundreds of them on Google and yahoo. Many of which have been reviewed so you know if the books are useful or a waste of your time.

    4- You might say this is a lot of research to accomplish these items above. Well, Yes it is, and if you look online under "research and learning" you will find that hands on education makes the difference. By doing this you are tayloring a program to yourself, and making an online study program work and fit your lifestyle.

    5 - The college network offers a guarantee that you won't fail. And after a certain amount of times taking the exam you get a tutor. The fact here is, why are you failing? If you are trying to learn why not pass the first time. If you put in 100% why did you fail? Why wait to fail the test 3 times before you get a tutor. Get a tutor FREE now as they are available simply by searching yahoo or google. Many state libraries offer state funded programs.

    6 - A Contract! I don't want a contract. Lets face it, do you know if the college network is going to work for you? Why risk it, when you can do the above and risk little money and have No contract. If it doesn't work for you then you really haven't lost anything.

    7 - Books are heavy, They collect dust and hurt my back. I don't want to lug around books. This is the digital age. I want to put everything onto a USB stick or a laptop and take it with me. Not just 1 subject book. Try doing this with the College Network, you are going to hurt your back. These days most everything is available online in PDF format.

    8 - Study time. We all know that for every hour of school lecture time you need to put in 2 hours of study time. With the college network there is no lecture time, just the book. This may work for some but others....

    9 - Why limit yourself to one source of material. Why spend more and get less when you can spend less and get more!

    10 - with my alternative I save upto $12000 and no contract
  11. by   critter1972
    I appreciate your input and opinion on this topic of The College Network.

    I too have done a lot of research on the program, and have known several people who have use The College Network to help them get through school.

    I have looked at the BBB on the company and i have also spoken with Indiana State University, along with my friends input.

    I still believe that using TCN is going to help me. Why? well, the fact that TCN and ISU are partnered is one big reason. I personally believe you get what you pay for. If you always look for the cheap way out, are you really going to be prepared? The study materials through TCN are self-contained. This means that everything i need to know for that course is in the study guide. i have seen them. The chapters are only 5-10 pages in length and there are practice exams with the answers throughout the guide, plus there is big test in the back that goes over everything.

    I mentioned the guarantee through TCN to show that they back their materials. they have over a 90% passing rate, which shows that the materials are geared to help you pass. The company has been around for 14 years and they have only had to provide a tutor/pay for the testing fee 3 times! I just feel that if you're going to study for an exam, why would study something that ISU doesn't endorse...or any of the other schools that The College Network works with? At least, i know and believe that i'm using study materials that are designed to help me learn what i need to know for that exam.

    TCN has 15 hours a day of phone support and between their Indiana and Vegas office. It's like having a tutor, over the phone, that you can speak with.

    To me education is an investment in my future and if i'm going to spend $20,000 for my degree, i have no problem doing it. By the way, that's the cost using TCN guides, testing fees, and tuition with ISU. Once i have my BSN, i'll be making $15,000 to $20,000 more a year anyway.

    i just don't see the purpose of going from one website to another to another, here and there...when i can do one thing through the school directly.

    everyone has their opinion and can make their choice about what's best for them, and i wish everyone luck in however they do it. I just think that sites like this should be used as a way for all of us to share what works for them. There are a lot of people on here who use this site to bad mouth other companies, people, or even the schools for their lack of success.

    I do find it sad that for those who aren't successful with online study, after starting it, have to blame others for their failure. Online study takes a lot of motivation and dedication..there's no teacher telling you what to do, etc. studying doesn't involve reading something once and hope that it sinks in. Studying involves highlighting the guides, taking notes, making flash cards, basically taking that guide and using it to it's full ability. For those that aren't passing, there is a reason and that reason lies within themselves. then, for those that aren't passing, they get mad when they want to stop the program. Places like The College Network didn't hold a gun to their heads and make them sign a contract. Those advisor provide the information and the cost of the program..up front. Yes, there is a contract, but don't people read their contracts?

    You can't go out and buy a car, make 6 monthly payments, and then one day decide that they don't like the car and just want to give it back and get their money back from it. It doesn't work like that.

    online study isn't for everyone and i really believe that. Some people need to sit in a classroom with a teacher telling them what to do, what to study, and when to expect a test. there's nothing wrong with that, really. Based on my reasearch, online study has gone up 40% in just the last year. There are a lot of ways to earn an education now a days and everyone needs to do what works best for them.

    I was hoping to use this site to help me through my program....not a place where i have to justify why i'm doing it a certain way. I really believe that other people feel that way too. I'm not angry at anyone in particular...i'm not even mad...i am just making a statement. unfortunately, i know that my opinion will upset some of you, however, there are opinions of others that upset me as well.

    Whatever any of you choose to do to help you earn your education, i wish you luck and hope for your success...just as i am hoping for my success.

    Nursing is a tough field and sometimes we feel unappreciated for what we do. there are good days and bad days, but that's life. I'm just glad to be in a profession where if i can make one person feel better because i'm there, then i did my job.

    happy studying...
  12. by   swtxtc03
    I completely agree with the post above. I am doing this program as well. TCN has helped me a lot. I feel like I have to justify to people why I'm going this route. I've gotten a few responses telling me that TCN is a rip-off and so forth... But like how I emphasized it before, what works for some people may not work for others. If you don't want to do it, then don't. If you want to do it, then do it.
  13. by   laizure
    Well, sounds like a great match for you. Good luck with it! For some it is a perfect fit. However, I have said it before, not going with TCN has great advantages of which are listed below.

    While I got the latest editions of the college network off of EBAY for $20 - $50 a book, I saved a huge amount of money. Being an adult all around, I am able to stay focused with my schooling and passing the first time is not a problem, because I am an adult. I don't need someone to tell me, well if you don't pass 3 times we will get you a tutor and pay $4000 because I am an adult and won't fail. I don't need someone to hold my hand, because I have confidence. America has more people in dept than any other country in the world, and this is one reason why, save your money and use it on something useful.

    I pride myself as liking to be a mentor and person that is willing to show the way a bit different than being a teacher. You can teach anyone anything if they want to learn it, however, it takes a special person, a different person who wants to be shown something and asks for help, that is the difference. With that, not using TCN has huge rewards, because it makes me a better, more responsible, because you did it yourself.

    If you insist on using TCN, get the books off of EBAY.

    I am very happy being cheap, I will take all that money I saved and perhaps:

    1 - Go on vacation
    2 - Pay off another bill
    3 - Buy that special thing for my kids
    4 - Tell my wife I love her with somthing special :icon_hug:
    5 - Go out and do something fun

    all the while I will stay:

    1- Out of dept
    2- No crazy interest
    3- No contract :bowingpur
    4 -Be the same RN you will be
    5- Confident with myself
    6- Be on top of Maslows

    and in return I will have

    1 - The same content from the college network you had
    2 - $4000 more dollars in my pocket
    3 - Really happy I will do the monkey dance
  14. by   sunnyjohn

    I'm happy TCN is working out for you. It is not a route others might have taken, but if it gets you to your goals, more power to you.