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Hello everyone, It's great to see a distance /independent learning topic. Currently, I am considering Deaconess School of Nursing. Is there anyone else considering this school? I find I definately... Read More

  1. by   NurseExplorer
    Originally posted by mona b
    I am still on the fence about school.

    I have had a horrendous week. I lost my brother and I'm trying to deal with that right now. I have a post up on the general nursing forum. Wow, there are some really thoughtful people on this bb.

    mona b
    Mona, my condolences to you.
  2. by   mona b RN
    Originally posted by NurseExplorer
    Okay, so do I have this right?

    -no prior healthcare experience required
    -clinical validations done at missouri campus

    -prior healthcare experience required (EMT, Paramedic, etc.)
    -well known program

    You all have piqued my interest in online education.

    You have it right. If you have other questions, let's hear 'em.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

    mona b
  3. by   Going80INA55
    What are some other good online programs?
  4. by   mona b RN
    I don't think I know of any other online nursing programs with the exception of one which I think is called Northwest Technical, they offer a quasi-distance ed pn program. Another expensive one though. If I find a link, I'll post it.

    Man, I thought I saw the sun for a moment there. God, I can't wait for the warm days of spring.

    Think Spring,

    mona b
  5. by   jlburkeen
    I agree about not going through RUE, Chancellor's or College Network...too expensive. I love the study guides though they make it really easy. They do all the work for you and you don't have to go out and buy all the books that Excelsior recommends. Except I do recommend a good Med/Surg text. Buy the study guides used from other students you will save like 75%! Just make sure they are current editions. I have used Chancellor's for all my exams and have gotten all A's but I do have a clinical background. For those of you that don't I would recommend College Network because they go into more detail. I haven't used RUE so I can comment on them but I have heard their expensive.

    Here are a couple of great yahoo groups that are Excelsior student forums:

    go to
    search for rnstudygroup & nontradnurse

    Just click on join group and the group moderator will contact you.

    I couldn't of made it through the program without them, we have alot of supportive members.

    I hope this helps you out!

    Jen :roll
  6. by   mona b RN
    I thought I would post this on this thread in hopes of attracting some of the original posters to it.

    How is everyone making out with their studies/education? Just curious to see what progress everyone is making. I finally finished a&p with EC, but now I have to take it all over again because Deaconess does not accept EC credits. Oh well, I will persevere. How is everyone else making out?

  7. by   jlburkeen
    Hi Mona,

    Just curious why you switched to Deaconess College from Excelsior?
  8. by   mona b RN
    I didn't really qualify for their program because I'm not a Certified Medical Assistant. I tried to appeal but they have become much more stringent in regards to who they admit now. It's actually a very good thing for the college. I think they were getting swamped with applicants who really are not qualified. I think they are moving in the right direction with admissions. jmho

  9. by   Spazzy Nurse
    That's pretty big of you for saying that, Mona. Lots of people in your shoes would be bitter towards EC.

    I agree with what you said. The college and its graduates were starting to look like a joke with some of the dingbats that they were accepting. (Not that you're a dingbat..... I mean the dingbats who wrecked it for you.)
  10. by   mona b RN

    So good to hear from you. I did my best with my EC appeal but the more I got into the appeal the more I realized that they have these requirements in place for a reason. Once they sent me my denial letter, I just put the letter aside. I happened to apply when there was alot of shakin' up going on at EC. Everyone that I had contact with during my application process is gone. Wonder what happened?

  11. by   Spazzy Nurse

    Whoa, you mean like all of the EC staff who you talked to during your application process are no longer EC staff??

    I just realized I sounded like a twit with my "whoa, you mean like......" Sorry 'bout that.
  12. by   LTNurse
    Hi mona b; I have just applied for Deaconess. I wanted to start in January but they told me that the classes are full and that if I were accepted I would start in May. They'll let me know in March if I was accepted or not. I'm very excited because I've been looking for a program like this for a long time since my husband is in the Army and we live overseas at the present time. I was enrolled at the Nursing program at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, HI and we had to move just when I was about to start my first clinicals, so now I have no chice but going online to do it. I looked into EC but i don't think I qualify at this time. Hopefully I'll be accepted to Deaconess. I'll be looking forward to going to Missouri for my clinical validations.Does anyone know how competitive hard is it to get accepted? Good Luck to us all!
  13. by   mona b RN

    Welcome aboard! I am waiting to hear from Deaconess to be officially accepted for January start. I am very nervous and excited. There are a couple of people on this board who post regularly that have experience with Deaconess. From what I hear it is a good program and you must be organized(I'm not ). Anyway, I'm sure someone will answer your post. It seems like Deaconess is getting popular and I am glad I applied when I did.
    As for being hard to be accepted, I don't think that it is. I think the more popular they get the more selective they will be. Have you asked them if there is a standby list?

    If you want to chat, feel free to pm me.