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so far so good! I think if you are determined it will work for you! I do not have the time to scavange around for EC approved reference materials. I spoke with them before I enrolled and they told... Read More

  1. by   2benars916
    LLjones i recently enrolled in the college network/isu program just got my first module which is the computer one , i was just wondering after i finish it and test out do they automatically send me the other modules i need or what and also since i just started do i need to apply to ISU now? or later? i only have 3 prereqs to finish any info would be appreciated thanks
  2. by   Rhfish2
    College network is purely a middleman for Excelsior College. EC gives you all the necessary information you need. They made it very easy for me to gather the needed books and by following their study guide I passed every exam the first time. It was clear and succinct
  3. by   cory77
    i enrolled about a month ago, and just got all of my modules in the mail today. I am going to test for Microbiology before June is out, then doing the computer and the speech module, so that i can get the paperwork started for the Indiana program. I am excited, but overwhelmed with all of these binders in my living room!
  4. by   jmarie3000
    I'm just like you. I enrolled last month. Just received my remaining modules today, feeling nervous right now. I'm doing the World Religion now, then I will do statistic or American History II. Don't worry, we'll make it. :wink2:
  5. by   tony74
    having a problem with getting started. I can't seem to disipline myself to study. I think I made a mistake.Is their anyone who knows if you can get out of the program. If so please help.
  6. by   blueeyedgirl0904
    Hey I'm new to this and maybe this was already answered but do you have to registar with the college network or just Indiana state? I get all my school funding from the VA and they only cover indiana and not the college network. Could anyone help clear up my questions. I want to take there LPN to BSN program and was looking to start in Jan 08.
  7. by   SuesquatchRN
    Quote from Fancy Face
    I do not have the time to scavange around for EC approved reference materials.
    What are these reference materials of which you speak? I printed the study guides and bought the textbooks.

    But good luck. Whichever way works for you.

  8. by   blueeyedgirl0904
    I guess what I ment is do you have to enroll with the college network or can you just call Indiana State and enroll with them only?
  9. by   missdeevah
    you don't have to go through college network. all they do is provide the study material, which you can purchase from somewhere else, probably for cheaper. so to answer your question, you can enroll directly with excelsior, or indianna state
  10. by   blueeyedgirl0904
    Hey thanks a bunch I just started looking around for online schools and couldn't find the answer. I talked to the college network they made it sound like you had to go through them. So thanks again.
  11. by   milkshake1
    I am about to finish my BSN online at the end of July 2007. I am also working toward my MSN online and find the course work very managable. I am amazed at how easy the workload is compared to my ADN program. So for those of you who are not sure if continuing your education is worth it, it is definitely worth it in my opinion. I have two small children, so having access to class 24/7 made life so much better. Any thoughts!
  12. by   RN Zeke
    I am curious as to what school (S) you have used and the $ amount you paid. I too want to continue my education and would appreciate your help. PM me if you so desire.