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I'm a firefighter and EMT going back to school full time with a family I stay busy!!

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  1. blueeyedgirl0904

    LPN to BSN @ Indiana State U...here is the info i got!!!

    I have also been looking into taking the course through ISU. Let me know if anyone likes/hates the program.
  2. blueeyedgirl0904

    I have started the College Network....and...

    Hey thanks a bunch I just started looking around for online schools and couldn't find the answer. I talked to the college network they made it sound like you had to go through them. So thanks again.
  3. blueeyedgirl0904

    I have started the College Network....and...

    I guess what I ment is do you have to enroll with the college network or can you just call Indiana State and enroll with them only?
  4. blueeyedgirl0904

    anyone from wilmington area??

    Hey all I'm a LPN student and was wandering if anyone else around ohio is from Wilmington or around there?
  5. blueeyedgirl0904

    I have started the College Network....and...

    Hey I'm new to this and maybe this was already answered but do you have to registar with the college network or just Indiana state? I get all my school funding from the VA and they only cover indiana and not the college network. Could anyone help clear up my questions. I want to take there LPN to BSN program and was looking to start in Jan 08.
  6. blueeyedgirl0904

    Boehecker College(Cincy Area)

    I was thinking about going on to there RN program but changed my mind. Not because the school is bad or anything but my son starts kindergarden this year and I want to go back online to get him off the bus and such. I go full time during the day right now so no night classes for me!! But I feel ya on the dreamin part I want my RN but this LPN stuff gets to ya after a while with out any breaks between semesters!!
  7. blueeyedgirl0904

    anyone going online LPN to RN

    Hey I'm new here and am in LPN school now. I graduate in November and am looking to go online to get my BSN. Does anyone know of any good schools that you can do that?? Let me know please thanks a bunch Firegirl
  8. blueeyedgirl0904

    Boehecker College(Cincy Area)

    Hi all, I'm enrolled in this schools first LPN class and it goes by quick. I would recomend it to anyone who wants to work. The tuition is a little high but that's what financial aid is for right!!