Help! I NEED to get my BSN!!

  1. Hello! I live in Michigan and have my RN. I need to get my BSN. My problem is I am trying to find an online program that is not costly and will allow me to finish quickly. I don't have employer education assistance and don't have just about reached the cap for student loans getting my associates degree. To get a good job as an RN here, I really need my BSN. Any suggestions??
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  3. by   cayenne06
    If you are self directed, I would recommend Western Governor's University. You pay by semester and can take as many classes as you want, so if you are a quick study, you can finish very quickly.
  4. by   akanini
    I have two friends pursuing Western Governors and love it. You really should consider that program like cayenne06 suggested.
  5. by   LindaBright
    There are so many online programs for nursing right now, it can be difficult to weigh out all of the options. More and more of these programs are popping up, as well, with different schools, different areas, and different requirements. There are great sites out there (like Nursing Degree, Online Nursing Programs & Top Nursing Schools) that can help narrow down your choices and give you a little perspective on what your next step is.
  6. by   kirsnikity
    Consider Ohio University or University of Texas Arlington. Both are completely online and are significantly cheaper than for-profit institutions.
  7. by   Laurab14
    I am on my last class at Fort Hays State University. Cheapest I have found, all online and I have found the coursework very doable.
  8. by   bschrews
    I highly recommended Western Governors University. It's all online, and you work at your own pace. WGU is very affordable and I can't say enough good things about my experience. It took me approximately 9 months to finish but I worked my butt off. A brick and mortar school would have taken me about 2 years to complete my BSN.