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  1. Laurab14

    Hematoma with blood draws

    "or find out what is the root cause of the hematomas." I believe that is what she was doing by asking the question. All good nurses question if there is something we could do better- whether it is technique or just by picking other people's brain for more knowledge. It is the nurse that doesn't question or feel the need to improve that thinks their occupation is "all about me." Starting with the easiest and most correctable solution first (technique) seems most appropriate to me. Thank you for asking questions and trying to advocate for your patient by improving her venipuncture experience.
  2. Laurab14

    Fort Hays State University Virtual

    I got my BSN through FHSU and loved it. Thought everything was very doable.
  3. Laurab14

    Aspen University anyone??

    I was hoping someone would answer this post. I asked something similar and didn't get a response back either for the MSN program. I liked the program, just seemed too good to be true.
  4. Laurab14

    Fort Hays State University

    I graduated in May and enjoyed the overall program. Some instructors were better than others. I had a few that were terrible, but I got out of the classes what I put in, which I think is typical for online learning. I was attracted by their low cost, which was more important to me at the time.
  5. Kate221, Since it was an online school I didn't really get much connection with the teachers. There would be some courses that would have instructors that wouldn't post anything past the greetings and would be WEEKS behind in grading. That drove me crazy!!! In the end they would be so rushed to grade that everything would become a A. Not that I am complaining, but if I work hard on a paper I would like feedback and someone who is getting paid to actually read it. I would say this happened in maybe 5 of my courses. I also worked full time and never felt rushed or left out of my "life." I tried to work ahead when possible and that really helped. The grading system was 90-80-70-60. I only got 2 B's the entire time and I was a C student for my ADN. I don't mind writing papers, most every class had some papers to write. if they were 2-4 page papers there might be one due every other week. Other classes were more tests and quizzes. It just depended on the course. Overall, I loved this program. My advisor was really helpful and I enjoyed my classes.
  6. Laurab14

    Current or Past Fort Hays University student

    yes, it has been overall a good program for me. It is the cheapest I found and have gotten pretty good grades. Good luck! let me know if you have any other questions. Laura
  7. Laurab14

    How to Determine Whether a LTC / SNF is Well Run

    I guess that is exactly my point. When the staff IS shoveling in food and not interacting with the residents it no longer becomes a meal, it becomes "feeding time." These are the things I look for when observing a nursing home. I do a lot of clinicals in nursing home and I have found this mindset to be a pretty reliable indicator of the type of overall care they receive.
  8. Laurab14

    How to Determine Whether a LTC / SNF is Well Run

    My best advice is to observe during feeding hours. You can tell alot about the care based on how they feed their dependent residents. Are they shoveling it in? Do they leave it running down their faces? Feeding takes alot of patience as well as compassion, and to me, also shows indicators about staffing as so many aides are rushing through to cover their halls.
  9. Laurab14

    Fort Hayes State University RN-BSN

    Sorry Shan, I never saw this response until now. Fort Hays has its own MSN program and it is a real physical college so I would think there should be any problems. there are no clinicals, some sort of internship at the end. I am not sure what it is all about but guessing some project to do with public health tuition is the cheapest I have found. Overall maybe $5,000-$6,000 Laura
  10. Laurab14

    Current or Past Fort Hays University student

    I am on my LAST semester of the RN to BSN program. it has taken me 4 years only because I take one class at a time d/t money not so much time. It has been a good program for me and I haven't really had any problems. Feel free to PM me if you want more information.
  11. Laurab14

    Assistive Living Billing

    I did get a few suggestions. I posted it here because I didn't know if there was a MDS type billing for case mix scores since they keep saying the documentation warrants a higher level. In the hospitals, they can't bill if it isn't documented, and wondered if it was the same in assistive living.
  12. Laurab14

    Assistive Living Billing

    Can someone tell me the process an assistive living goes through in billing it's residents? My husbands mother keeps getting informed that her mother's "Levels" are increasing, causing a significant raise in her bill. I do not see a big change in her condition and they certainly are not doing any extra for her. I suspect some billing fraud and want to know what to look for when I audit her chart. This is in Ohio, if that matters much. My poor mother in law is at her wits end because there is only so much money left for her care. thanks, Laura
  13. Laurab14

    Is there a nurse on the plane?

    Or if you are outside your state that you are licensed in?
  14. Laurab14

    need help with a very difficult supervisor

    I am curious what the policy would be for such things as surgery or childbirth? At my place a sick day is a sick day...
  15. Laurab14

    how did they pass theyre boards??

    So, in addition to 1. Being a poor speller(who seems to refuse to spell check even though you admit you have a problem) 2. Refusing to even entertain the idea that good nurses and aides on this site are trying to CARE about your patients by giving appropriate advice. 3. You are now saying you are a liar! None of these traits will serve you well in nursing school, admitting actions are wrong can be difficult, but it is how we grow and learn. I can't imagine if I had eight pages of people passionately telling me I was wrong, that I wouldn't even consider the possibility... Enough already... This site is supposed to be to help people be supportive and learn, time to close it down!
  16. Houstina, I have been going there for about a year and a half, so far I have been really happy with it. I have a 4.0 GPA, which I NEVER had before!