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  1. Hi,

    I am new to the forums and I keep seeing these posts about Excelsior college, online degrees and I am wondering how all that works.

    I have a full time job, that I cannot quit. I have always wanted to be a nurse and am finally pursuing my dream.

    How do the clinicals work??

    Is everything online-- you don't go to the campus for anything?

    Do you feel like you got the same education as a regular college?

    Thanks for the info...
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    TFAM, Excelsior is only for those who hold some sort of licensure already - LPN, EMT, that sort of job.

    You can't enter Excelsior without the same.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    There are no clinicals with Excelsior -- that is why you have to be a healthcare provider already to be accepted into the nursing program. Our current experience and past clinicals provide the clinical experience.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Many years ago when the program first started a person off the street used to be able to go through it and as long as they could show proficiency, get the degree. However, that has changed over the years to where you now need a healthcare license and experience to make up for the lack of clinical classes. They made this change to counteract the criticisms that there were people graduating from Excelsior with no previous healthcare experience who could not function on the floor. You will be able to enroll in Excelsior once you have obtained an LPN license or one of the other acceptable healthcare licenses and preferably have some clinical experience. Good luck to you.
  6. by   NaomieRN
    They also except nursing students who have completed at least 50 percent of clinical.