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hi all just wonderin if anyone knew which states do or don't accept excelsior college? I think calif doesn't and colorodo is about to not accept them after the first of the year but other than that I... Read More

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    Quote from lizz
    I don't understand why you're making this personal attack now ... especially since you already responded to the exact same post two days ago. And if you're going to quote me, at least quote me accurately.

    I never used the phrase "what's best for the entire profession." I said the standards benefit the entire profession. Read the post, again, and try to keep the context of the entire post in mind.

    I don't think you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that making a bunch of exceptions to the standards is bad for any profession. If you would actually like to debate the issue, then let me know.

    exactly what is the issue here? i thought that it was based on the title of the thread. i have to wonder why you haven't taken me up on the issue of naming specific states that deny licensure for excelsior nurses. on this issue, you've been completely silent. now why is that? i thought you'd be listing all these state boards that forbid excelsior nurses, so that i could call them and verify this information, or misinformation.

    other than your prejudices against excelsior (which don't appear to be backed up by any facts, or even any personal experience of yours - correct me if i'm wrong), i don't see much genuine debate about the issue coming from you either.

    yes, i realize that you feel that people are "lowering the standards" and somehow cheating the people who go the conventional route. you refuse to address the fact that the NLN has accredited the program (why, if it doesn't work?) and instead want to repeat over and over the california board's conclusion (which conveniently can't be brought into debate where it can be examined) as though it is infallible truth.

    i'd like to know what your credentials for education of nurses are? tell me, do the folks at the NLN know nothing? how do you know more than these professionals? and how do you account for the NLN naming excelsior as a center for excellence? is the NLN excelsior's handmaiden? is there a bribe here?
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    The question is Excelsior accepted in ?? states.

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