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Glad to see there are some successful Deaconess students here...I am sending off my application today. I am still waiting on my info packet, so I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if there... Read More

  1. by   Amy P
    Forgot to say that I did check on the BSN programs in my area (Texas Women's University and University of texas at Arlington) and they will accept any chemistry course as long as it is 4 hrs with a lab. I don't think I'll ever try for BSN as I already have a bachelor's and master's degree, but just in case I wanted to be able to transfer it.
  2. by   heatherbless
    did you guys all pay for this on your own or did you use some financial aid? I wonder how much financial aid they give to begin with based on this being an LPN program to begin with--I am aware of the FAFSA, etc//? Any feedback? hty/
  3. by   Mrs.Yost
    Congratulations Amy on the run of good luck! "See" you in class on Monday.

    Heatherbless, I did get some student loans, but have had to pay for quite a bit out of pocket. It will all depend on your financial situation (income, # of dependents, etc.) The courses that I have taken at other schools for transfer in to DCN (microbiology, chemistry, a&p, etc.) I have paid for on my own. Not quite sure how the financial aid would work when dealing with multiple schools.