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  1. Im new here, i heard about this site from a friend because she heard i was doing EC. anyway, i have been wondering, and scrubbing the website for all the info i can about the CPNE. i just don't understand how you get the info, or study for the CPNE. do they mail you books, or test examples? How did any of you find out about the grids and what they want? do you show up at the hospital and they just expect you to know? when do they tell you the rules?
    all i have is what i printed out from the EC website and its just a checklist. it doesn't say anything about grids or what you are allowed to use.
    PLEASE HELP!! i don't want to freak out on this test!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    You get a CPNE study guide from Excelsior when you're eligible to test. This study guide gives a pretty detailed explanation of the testing process and it lists critical elements that must be performed in order to pass.

    I'm not sure if the latest edition of the study guide mentions the grid, but it's basically a sheet of paper that you divide into several squares and it helps to keep you organized during the patient care scenarios. There are CPNE preparation workshops offered through Excelsior and through private sources and most of them spend time explaining the grid.
  4. by   shanteau3
    Any recent cpne stories from cpne racine, wi, 15th edition?
  5. by   caliotter3
    If you look on ebay religiously you might find someone advertising to sell their copy of the CPNE guide CD. It used to be a humongous binder (lovingly referred to as the "Carjack") but EC stopped printing it out and now sends the CD. You can buy a used CD from private parties at any time. You can take the CD to a Kinkos (don't know if they have anything similar in Germany) and have them print out the disk for you. Once you become CPNE eligible the school will send you your copy. You can also find other study material on ebay. Be sure to check out Rob's CPNE CD. His website is www.RobsCPNE.com. People swear by this CD. As for the grid, you can find different versions all over the place. You can devise your own. Recommend you join Yahoo study groups for Excelsior. The files sections of these groups contain lots of study material. Also don't forget to go to the EPN forum section on the EC website and read what other students are saying about the EC tests. The EC advisors come on these boards and give good hints also. You can pay to attend private workshops put on by east coast Tina, west coast Tina, Lynn F, and possibly others. EC offers their own workshop. Other than that, set up your little practice area at home with a practice dummy patient and practice, practice, practice. That's about it. Oh, and don't forget you can practice at work if you bosses will let you. HTH
  6. by   SuesquatchRN
    Look at the "stickies" at the top of this page. There are a number of CPNE-specific guides.

    Good luck!
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from shanteau3
    Any recent cpne stories from cpne racine, wi, 15th edition?
    Shanteau, have you visited the CPNE journals section of the EC Electronic Peer Network (EPN)? Lots of students post journals about their experiences at various test sites. Check it out! And good luck!!
  8. by   shanteau3
    thankyou guys for your help. I fel pretty well studid . just trying to get a feel about the testers and they cut you any slack if you pretty much know what your doing. I am a little stessed about the paper work though. Any guides on paperwork would be good, or even how are they about your paperwork?