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  1. Hi all,

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"]Getting ready for the CPNE, I recieved the study guide yesterday and have just started looking through it. Can anyone tell me what is the GRID and where can I get one? Is it in the book? I have heard of this item in some threads but don't know how to get one started? Please help.[FONT="Book Antiqua"]
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  3. by   rehab nurse
    Hi there.

    A "GRID" is nothing more than what you will write on your PCS packet during your cpne. Its a form *you* use for yourself to jog your memory. Kind of like what you use during work to remember to do things!

    Everyone's grid will look completely different, because it's unique to YOU.

    Do you have mnemonics yet? Or are you not going to use them? The most common grids have mnemonics in them, that help you to remember the Critical Elements. That's all a grid is.

    So say you go into your first PCS, and you're assigned Abdominal Assessment, Neuro Assessment, and Specimen & Drainage Collection. On the blank piece of paper in your packet, you will write down your mnemonics for the Required Areas of Care: 20 min checks, Vital Signs, Mobility, Fluid Management. Then write down your mnemonics for Abdominal Assessment, Neuro Assessment, and Specimen/Drainage Collection.
    You may want a mnemonic for actions you must do every time you leave a pt room (bed low, call light within reach, etc). You may want to write down any equipment you'll need to do your Specimen/Drainage Collection (your Ce will write down WHAT you are to collect obviously, this is just an example).

    So that's what a grid is. Do you plan to take a workshop? Do you belong to any online yahoo groups? There's a ton for the CPNE. Do a search on Yahoo. They all have mnemonics online too.
    The best thing for YOU to do is to figure out HOW you want to remember the Critical Elements. Those are the be-all, end-all of this exam. If you choose to remember them with mnemonics, then figure out mnemonics, or find someone else's mnemonics online and use those. Whatever helps YOU. Then you need to work on memorizing and understanding those Critical Elements.

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   tresjeni
    Hello, just as said before, the "GRID" is YOUR tool..the way YOU will organize YOUR game for this CPNE... I can fax you some ideas....however, YOU need to work on what works 4 U!!!!! Send me your fax using the private message system here at Allnurses...but just a heads up...I simply had the PT name, Adm Dx on the top, then the "20 check , with washing your hands, ID the pt with 2 forms, check their hydration status, and if they have an IV, check the site, and flow rate" then I'd do VS...then note what SAOC to preform, check them off as you go, and don't 4get mobility...plus document, document document...email me...I'll explain nurse jeni also, you can go to CE/EPN and get my email off there if you can, I'll try to check in here more often
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  5. by   anticoagulationurse
    In the sticky, Passing the CPNE... above there are some tips. Also, I have some files I could email if you want.
  6. by   tresjeni
    Hello "anticoag..." where are you in wa??? I'm snowed in up here in NW Wa along the Canadian border. Just a quick shout out to my local nurses in my area!!!! Nurse Jeni
  7. by   yardcat72
    i am so new to this and the "grid" any tips to help me get organized for the cpne. i am taking it in March at SRMC in riverdale,GA anyone taken it there?
    please give pointers!!
    thanks so much.
  8. by   yardcat72
    please pm me and send me the files also. i am so nervous.
  9. by   Veronica22715
    I just went to a workshop and they explained the grid. It takes some practice to get used to it but once yo do it may end up being a life saver when you are freaking out!
  10. by   Veronica22715
    youtube has a bunch of videos from students studying for the cpne, one was a grid
  11. by   Veronica22715
    Quote from jkohler
    hi all,

    [font="book antiqua"]getting ready for the cpne, i recieved the study guide yesterday and have just started looking through it. can anyone tell me what is the grid and where can i get one? is it in the book? i have heard of this item in some threads but don't know how to get one started? please help.[font="book antiqua"]
    [color="lime"]have you considered a workshop? my friend just failed the cpne over her "vague" careplan. i test in january and had no idea where to start on the study material now i have a game plan and some (not much) confidence. good luck
  12. by   caliotter3
    Suggest you consider attending a workshop to get information on using grids and lots of other useful tips for CPNE preparation. Good luck. Oops, just saw the date of the OP. Hope the OP is now a practicing RN.
  13. by   Pixie.RN
    There is a grid in the document in this post:

    CPNE Notes from an EC grad. - Nursing for Nurses